The Best Game Of Thrones Cross Stitch

Who holds the iron cross stitch throne? We’ll it will take less than 8 seasons to find out, beleive me. However when you see how awesome these Game of Thrones cross stitches are you’ll be itching for the new season in July!

Game Of Thrones cross stitch by RandomlyGenerated (source:
Game Of Thrones cross stitch by RandomlyGenerated (source:

What round up would be complete without a map of Westeros? This is a map that’s been recreated a lot on the internet, but I tracked down the first version.
Game of Thrones Mario Style World Map Cross Stitch by Eponases, pattern by titan413 (source:

However, that isn’t to say other versions are bad. This Mario Game of Thrones mash up is just brilliant!
Game of Thrones Pokemon Cross Stitch by Beki710 (source:

Another mash up in the form of this Pokemon stitch, back when we thought Jon and Khaleesi would fight it out… *fingers crossed for them getting married*
Game of Thrones House Banners Cross Stitch on Linen by Minnie (source:

Speaking of alliances, hows this banner based cross stitch, done on linen to make it look older and more in fitting with the lore of Game of Thrones.
Hodor Game Of Thrones Cross Stitch by PinsandWeevils (source: Etsy)

Hodor hodor hodor hodor. Hodor.
Let it snow game of thrones christmas cross stitch by Sanna (source: Pinterest)

And finally, some way off from Christmas, I know… but its so darn clever.

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  1. Eponases

    Although MonkeeCatcher did cross stich it first, that’s a photo of my cross-stitch which differs from the original pattern. I have changed Storm’s End, Kings Landing and Iron Islands.

  2. Caitlin Jones

    Where can I get the pattern for the Super Mario themed Westeros map cross stitch?