The Best Miniature & Dolls House Cross Stitches

As some of you may know, I received the Best miniature Cross Stitch award in the recent National Needlecraft Awards for my miniature pirate cross stitch samplers. This was my first foray into miniature cross stitch, and whilst I thought I was doing something new at the time, I really wasn’t. It turns out that not only are there loads of miniature cross stitches out there, but there is also a massive community devoted to only stitching miniatures.
So without further a due, we round up some of the best miniature and dolls house cross stitch from the web.

Tiny Fox Cross Stitch by Arachnoid

Tiny Fox Cross Stitch by Arachnoid (Source: Deviantart)

Whilst its hard to see from the image above, Arachnoid has not only stitched a super tiny fox, but they’ve included it in an embroidery hoop the size of a quarter!

Red Car miniature Cross Stitch by Victora Minaturas

Red car miniature cross stitch by Victora Minaturas (Source: Etsy)

How about something a little larger? Victora Minaturas from Etsy has made these four miniatures which not only have some great cross stitch work, but also go to show that miniature cross stitch can be super modern too!

Miniature Cross Stitch Slippers by miniricami

Miniature cross stitch slippers by miniricami (Source: Etsy)

Looking for something a little smaller? How about these miniature slippers by miniricami? Stitched on silk, these slippers are only 2.5cm long, meaning it must be about 42 count!

Christmas Night miniature Cross Stitch by CS broderie miniature

Christmas night miniature cross stitch by CS broderie miniature (Source: Etsy)

Christmas is literally more than half a year away, however this christmas inspired miniature cross stitch is just too cute!

Lighthouse miniature Cross Stitch by Miniaturas Cubells

Lighthouse miniature cross stitch by Miniaturas Cubells (Source: Etsy)

And finally, we come to the best miniature cross stitch I could find. Miniaturas Cubells sells nothing but miniature embroidery on Etsy, and you can see they’ve been at it a long time. This lighthouse stitch is clearly from a commercially available pattern, but instead of sticking to boring old 14 count, they went with 38 count. Yet they stitched it just like they normally would. I am so super impressed.

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  1. Arpita

    Thanks, LL! “Miniature” is one of the many English language words that does not sound quite how it is spelled, which makes it tricky I think.

  2. Arpita

    There are some great patterns here–I love the red car series!
    Alas,I hate to be pedantic but…in every instance the word “minature” is used. Would you please use spell check and replace with “miniature”?

    1. LordLibidan

      First off, my spelling sucks; I’m quite happy to be told where I got it wrong 😀
      But secondly, I spelt that wrong 29 times! Insane! What’s wrong with me!?!
      Updated 😀