The Best Of Cross Stitch Maps

I’ve always loved maps. Bit of a cartophile. However, it looks like I’m not alone, as there is a wealth of awesome cross stitch maps out there just begging for some limelight!

Stardew Valley

The reason I started looking into cross stitch maps was this. Not only is Stardew Valley an awesome game map, but Bunia has recreated the in-game map into a fantastic micro scale map with all the details of the original and more.

stardewvalley map cross stitch by Bunia (source:

Just to take it one step further, she also offered the pattern for free!


Jumping back a step though, sometimes video game maps are awesome on there own. In my mind however, Zelda’s Ocarina of Time map was a little sparse on details. BUT, it looked great from above. This cross stitcher thought so too and make a cracking recreation.

legend of zelda ocarina of time cross stitch map (source: instagram)

But lest we forget the awesome Zelda map Servotron created that has been recreated by this stitcher:
Legend Of Zelda Map Cross Stitch by tibtibs (source:


Whilst we’re on the topic of video game maps, let’s talk about the weirdly shaped ones. Mario has always had great maps, but this third world map stitch by cross stitch ninja is frankly jaw-dropping. The weird shape, the fact that is has a massive III lake, and the deserty finish makes it one of my all-time favorite maps.

Mario cross stitch map by cross stitch ninja (source:

Game Of Thrones

But sometimes, video games and other things combine. Like this Game of Thrones Mario mashup cross stitch map, which not only having a nice nod to both worlds, but has a shocking amount of accuracy too. Credit to MonkeeCatcher (the stitcher) and titan413 (the designer).

Game Of Thrones cross stitch by RandomlyGenerated (source:

But as one of the most watched TV shows in history, its no surprise that the original map got some love too. This design by Randomly Generated reminds me of the book map sooo much.
Game of Thrones Mario Style World Map Cross Stitch by MonkeeCatcher, pattern by titan413 (source:


But where would a Lord Libidan post be without a bit of Pokemon?
Now, its no secret that I’ve created my own Pokemon maps in the past:

Pokemon National Map cross stitch by Lord Libidan

And loads of other people, like merichan27 and KDstitching have too:
pokemon johto map cross stitch by kdstitching (source: Etsy)

hoenn pokemon map cross stitch by merichan27 (source: spritestitch)

However, my out and out favorite cross stitch maps? They have to be these stellar mini maps by StrangenessIsConservative. Not only are they super cute, and based on in game sprites most people would have looked over, but they are the only images of the cross stitch world that exist in the Pokemon universe. AND the patterns are avalible for free!
Pokemon region maps by strangenessisconserved (source:

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