The Best Star Wars Cross Stitch

May the 4th be with you on this festively Star Wars themed round up!

Darth Vader Star Wars Cross Stitch by VelvetPonyDesign (source: Etsy)

To start us off, we have an awesome dark side composite image, making up Vader’s face out of Empire goodness. Frankly, this would be awesome if it was made in any medium, but to condense all that into cross stitch is truly brilliant.

Star Wars Dark Side Sampler Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

Next up is something I created for a Star Wars Cross stitch book, which comes in both dark side and light side examples.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Negative Space Cross Stitch (source: Etsy)

Sometimes however simplicity wins. This storm trooper, utilizing a hoop and white aida to create most of the piece is genius!

Star Wars Coruscant Tapestry by Aled Lewis (source:

No list of Star Wars would be complete without mentioning this epic Star Wars tapestry, that is a chronology of the first 6 films in the series. At 30 foot long, and frankly some of the best films ever created, its definitely going to give the epic Pokemon cross stitch a run for its money.

BONUS ITEM! How about a Pokemon cross stitch tattoo?

Pokemon Squirtle Squad Cross Stitch Tattoo (source:

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  1. lily

    Hi there, was wondering about getting a copy of the cross stitch of Darth Vader at the top of this page. Thank you

    1. LordLibidan

      I’m afraid it looks like VelvetPonyDesign no longer sell the pattern! You could reach out to them on Etsy though to see if they still have it available somewhere?