The Crazy World of Needle Minders

When it comes to embroidery thread you either pick DMC, Anchor or an independent. Those are your three main choices. But when it comes to the world of needle minders, the world is your oyster. With the popularity of Etsy rising there have been more and more quality handmade stores creating stunning things for cross stitchers, and needle minders are some of the most popular.

The Cake Has It – $8

chapelviewcrafts polymer cake needle minder by chapelviewcrafts (source: etsy)
So tasty you could eat it!

It would be crazy of me to not start with the cake needle minder from ChapelViewCrafts. Not only is it the one I use, but we’ve even included it in our ultimate cross stitch giveaway as it’s so cool!
Made up of tiny tiny cake made from polymer clay, with super realistic design, and some rad final touches (like just a hint of glimmer in the pink fondant) it just makes you want to go get some cake.

Coffee with your cross stitch?

coffee cups needle minders (source: pinterest)

On the note of cake and cross stitch, where are all the teas and coffees? This awesome polymer clay cuppa beats out the best.

Miniture Bookworm – $8

book needle minder by PinoyStitch (source: etsy)

My first ever needle minder was one of these tiny books, in my favorite cover of my favorite book. As a truly personalised gift they rock, and their plan design means the needle never chips.

Wooden Woes – $6

woodeb cross stitch needle minders by aneedlerunsthroughit (source: etsy)

However, tasty treats and bookworms aside, a lot of people choose wooden needle minders. There are two main reasons for this; lightness and sharp edges. Before super strong magnets became readily available, most needle minders were heavy, pulling down on your cross stitch; something that light woods solved. In addition, metal needle minders tend to chip needles, so a softer material like wood really helps.

Pokemon Pals – $9

pokemon charizard needle minder by MyWifeIsAVelociraptor (source: etsy)

The most searched for needle minder though? Pokemon. A staple in the eyes of most modern cross stitchers, Pokemon still reigns supreme, and this 3D printed and hand finished example is hitting all the right buttons. Pokemon might not be real, but with a mini Charizard needle minder, no one will dare take it!

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  1. Caroline jones

    Love and collect needleminders!

  2. Lara Ruiz

    Love your blog, I learn something new everytime! Thank you!! The dragon pokemon pulls at the dragonnlover in me but I think it’s the mini coffee that would be my 1st choice.