The illegal cross stitch movement

Following on from is cross stitch dead? and the rise of Twitch cross stitch 1, part 2 & part 3, there’s one other facet of modern cross stitch that’s making waves; public cross stitch.

Video Game Cross Stitch Graffiti in Milan by Miss Cross Stitch (source:
Video Game Cross Stitch Graffiti in Milan by Miss Cross Stitch (source:

This new wave of cross stitch appears to be an offshoot of the well-known knitting group Stitch London (previously Stitch ‘n’ Bitch), known for knitting around key London landmarks in aid of charity. However some clever so and so realized that the multi-color non-destructive knitting had another effect; positivity.

That person was Miss Cross Stitch (nothing to do with Mr X Stitch). As a designer and keen stitcher she wanted to get away from the concept that it was only done by grandma’s, so packed up her needles and started stitching in German cities with bungee cord. Years later she was contacted by another member cross stitcher in Barcelona, and the movement was started.

Unlike traditional graffiti its seen as a positive force within the community, with little to no police impact (although there is some), and yes, it’s illegal, but I think we can all agree we’d love to see Pacman Ghosts in our neighborhood…

If you’re more interested in the exploits of Miss Cross Stitch you can check out an awesome interview on Make:, or her website.

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