What is the best cross stitch magazine?

There are loads of cross stitch magazines out there, and with magazines like Cross Stitch and Needlework and Cross Stitch Collection coming to an end, I felt it was a good time to go through some of the most popular cross stitch magazines out there and give a bit more detail so you can pick the best one for you.
Updated August 2020.


crossstitcher magazine cover
$2 – $6 per month; digital and print

Currently the second most popular cross stitch magazine out there, but on the rise, CrossStitcher focuses on modern cross stitch. The contemporary, bright, bold designs are better suited to a 16-50 age bracket, with great finishing ideas, and loads of freebies every issue. Its also the only magazine to offer a digital only option, which at $2 is a steal in itself, although with a physical copy for only $6 it might be worth getting that, as you get the digital copy for free.
Many prominent artists have been featured, including myself back in 2012, 2013 and 2015
Score 9.4/10
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The World Of Cross Stitching

$6 – $12 per month; digital and print

The World of Cross Stitching (or TWOCS as its sometimes known) is the longest-running cross stitching magazine in worldwide production, and you can see why quite quickly; its very mainstream. If this is what you’re looking for then its a great magazine, full of patterns, and the largest in size on the list. It plays upon being British for the American market, and so as a Brit, you might find it a little unrealistic, but it has lots of other animals, teddy, flower, heart, etc based patterns. The theme on seasons heavily, to the point where every issue is a holiday of some kind. They include free items, but these tend to be knickknacks and not pattern stitching items, however, they do include waste canvas often, which can be hard to get your hands on. In recent years its started to struggle as people have moved to other magazines on the list, however, it still commands a massive following.
Score 9.2/10
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$6 per quarter; digital-only

Made by MrXStitch this Kickstarter based magazine was created as a direct opposite to the girly magazines the scene is full of. Its simple message, is bringing cross stitch up to date, with very modern patterns, and features that a lot of magazines don’t have; such as everyone gets to print and online versions, with larger patterns to see better, a podcast of songs to go with all the patterns, an online community for further support and showing off, etc. Unlike the rest of the entries on the list, XStitch is not full of patterns by one main designer, but instead, each issue has 12 different designers from around the world (including people like Jane Greenoff and myself), specifically chosen for the themes, which are must more radical than the usual.
Score 9/10

Just Cross Stitch

$7 per month; print; USA only
$7 per month; digital

The only US print magazine on the list, Just Cross Stitch has been going just over 30 years and has had a bit of a rocky start since it was sold last year. The patterns are sometimes inspired, but can occasionally look tired. It has a modern design, and most patterns follow this ideal, and it features lesser-known internet cross stitch celebrities. Its big pull is the Christmas ornament issue (not to be confused with the Christmas issue coming out the month after), which includes a large supply of free things, and features nothing but unique ways to make cross stitch ornaments. It’s worth looking into if you’re US based, but they currently don’t have any plans to supply the rest of the world.
Score 7.6/10

Stoney Creek Cross Stitch

$8.50 per issue (per quarter); no subscriptions

I personally don’t rate Stoney Creek that much, however many are avid fans. They are a US traditional style magazine. They used to offer subscriptions, but their new sales model is to purchase issue by issue, one a quarter. This has the advantage that you can see all the patterns you’re getting before you buy, however the magazine only contains patterns, no articles.
Score 4.6/10

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. sheila trotter

    I’m looking for for the leaflet called “Moonlight Flight” designed by Gary Hanner. I have “Santa’s Midnight Flight”, which I’m currently working on and I also have “Balloon over Tuscany”, I would like to have all three .. any help in finding this pattern would be very much appreciated

    1. LordLibidan

      A StitchWorld X-stitch pattern from 98? Not going to be easy to find I’m afraid.
      StitchWorld X-stitch has now gone out of business, and as a result, the patterns are out of print. However, they were only sold in the continental United States and Canada.
      There are a few sites out there still selling out of print patterns, however, we can’t speak for any of these.
      I would check out eBay. I know there is a listing on the US eBay, and the Canadian eBay, however, it looks like neither offer international shipping.
      Hope that helps!

    2. Angela

      You can buy it at artsanddesigns.com

  2. Kathleen McCollum

    I am working on a very large cross stitch project that requires a lot of detail. I am looking for a magazine, or other source, that can give me ideas on how to:
    * shade and stitch old stone walls like those of castles and other old buildings,
    * how to design and stitch the shading on windows, arrow slits and large plank doors and drawbridges,
    * how to pattern coverage backgrounds like those in medieval tapestries,
    * and the best ways to delineate facial features on human forms incorporated into my designs.

    Have you any suggestions as to where I might find such information? While I am an avid cross-stitcher, I am not an artist and I have difficulty with things like shading, perspective on buildings and such. I have no real interest in magazines that feature mostly geese, teddy bears or other cutesy items. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide and thank you for your time considering my request.

    1. LordLibidan

      Those are some very specific, and rather advanced, questions. I don’t think there is any magazine out there that will help you to be honest./
      I would suggest that “The New Cross Stitcher’s Bible” by Jane Greenoff might be worth getting. It contains pretty much everything about cross stitch you might want to know and has loads of examples of how to create things like shading. But many of your questions may still go unanswered. I think you might want to speak to a designer to get 1 on 1 time.
      Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!