Where to Find Super Sized Aida

We like epic cross stitch patterns here, and we’ve helped on how to tackle epic cross stitch projects, but one big thing is getting the aida. With epic cross stitch patterns covering meters and meters, finding someone that sells good quality aida, that is huge, can be a struggle. Until now…

Simplify What You Need

First thing first, what do you actually need? Now, I know the obvious response here is a big piece of aida, but if you’re attempting an epic cross stitch project, you’ll need to work out two things. The first is color, and the second is count. And once you’ve done that, we have some bad news.
High count (higher than 14 count) aida doesn’t hold together as well as lower count aida. In short, it’s about the levels of starch in the fabric, but it means that in very large sizes high count aida breaks apart. This means that you’re going to need to stick to 14m or 11 count aida.
Secondly, finding large sections of aida in a specific color can be hard. So you probably want to buy a white piece.

If Needed; Dye The Aida

But what if you want a different color I hear you say! Well, dye it. In fact, dying aida really isn’t hard at all. Unless it’s ironed, you can use any normal fabric dye to change the color of your aida to whatever you want. Buy it white, and make it whatever color you want.

Black aida (Source: Etsy)
Black aida (Source: Etsy)

Look For Fabric Stores

So now you know that you’re probably looking for 14 count white aida, its time to get your hands on some. The fact that you’re reading this means you might be struggling to find someone selling some large enough. Well, I have the answer for you! Fabric stores.
Yes, we mean brick and mortar stores selling fabric to sewing enthusiasts. It turns out that aida, sometimes called “Java Cloth” (its original name) is a common fabric used for stitching in curtains and upholstery. Because of this, fabric stores often hold stock of white aida you can buy by the meter. The usual brand they hold is Zweigart too, meaning its good quality.

Contact The Manufacturers Direct

It might seem a little odd, but you can contact manufacturers of aida directly. Sure, it’s not a mainstay of their business, but I’ve heard of many people getting large sections of aida direct from the manufacturer. It costs a little more money than you would buy from a store, but you can get MASSIVE bits of aida this way.
Worst case, manufacturers can help find a reseller who can supply it for you.

Zweigart aida (Source: backstitch.co.uk)

Do You NEED A Massive Piece?

Ha, I know, this seems similar to the first point; but it’s not. You see, if you can’t get that huge piece you need, you can actually use smaller pieces. Before I tell you how, I will advise that there is an issue with this, and you should only use it in the worst of situations; always try to find a single bit first.
You can’t frame it. Yes, that’s right. Once you try to frame joined aida, it will open up in a way that will be obvious. So as long as the thing your creating won’t be stretched, made into a throw for example, you can attach aida.

So how do you do it?

Well, in short, you place two bits on top of each other. So long as you line up the holes in aida, you can stitch through both pieces at once and the cross stitches will naturally hold the two bits together. So long as you have a full coverage pattern, it will be fine.

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  1. kelly Marie riegel-green

    ritarene’s on facebook sells 60″ wide 14 ct aida by the yard

  2. LC

    Hello, would it be alright if I were to post a link to an Amazon product? I found a decently priced 14 ct aida cloth size 78″×59″ sold by Pllieay that I bought to start making the epic all generation pokemon pattern. I had trouble finding some online and I thought it’d be helpful to others to share it. I just wasn’t sure on rules for link sharing for this site so I wanted to make sure before doing so. Thank you!

    1. LordLibidan

      I’m afraid that as Amazon tends to have country-specific delivery, we don’t allow their links, sorry!

  3. ACC

    “Secondly, finding large sections of aida in one color can be hard. The reason is a consistent dye. When a manufacturer supplies “pewter grey” it needs to always be that one shade. When the size of the aida gets larger and larger, its harder to keep the color the same as the other pieces. So you probably want to buy a white piece.”
    A single piece of Aida is all dyed at one time by the manufacturer. It’s not going to vary based on the size of that piece.

    1. LordLibidan

      My apologies, I was trying to state that larger aida sections were sometimes of a slightly different shade. This is due to the smaller sections of aida actually being large pieces cut up, but you see these more, and therefore its more likely that your larger aida is doing to be a slightly different shade to the smaller aida sections you can buy.
      This is a somewhat complicated principle and I didn’t explain it enough. It sounded incorrect, so I’ve removed that section for now and I’ll update when I can explain it better! 😀

      1. Daniel

        Hi I’ve been to three different haberdashery shops and even contacted backstitch.co.uk with no luck. Is there any way to get a big enough piece of aida to do the Free Epic Pokemon All Generations Cross Stitch Pattern in one piece? Any links would be appreciated.

      2. LordLibidan

        Hi Daniel,
        I’ve personally dealt with aida manufacturers when getting my super-sized fabric, so I would suggest contacting the likes of Zweigart directly. They might be able to supply direct or advise you who in your country/local area can sell it to you. Alternatively, you can speak to your preferred needlework supplier and see if they can purchase a custom size for you (shops have access to more unusual sizes).

  4. Dakota

    The article “how to tackle epic patterns” seems to be gone? I’d love to read it.