Why is cross stitch an obsession?

In this issue XStitch Magazine I wrote about love, specifically love of cross stitch, and how there are different levels of love. Everyone here probably loves cross stitch, but to what degree?

But then someone asked me “but what is it about cross stitch that you love”? And I honestly didn’t know. It’s not that there’s nothing to love, there is loads, but what exactly is the thing I love?

So I start to think about my cross stitch tasks. I know that when I first started the thrill was in the finish. I still think back to my tiny highland cow cross stitch, my first ever, and the thrill of finishing was amazing. But if this was the thing that I loved, I would do tiny stitches over and over, but I find myself regularly doing massive cross stitches such as my Moon Light In Yasaka Pagoda Cross Stitch.

My first cross stitch

So could it instead be the pattern making? After all, nowadays 100% of the stitches I create are of my own design. Well, honestly, I only create patterns as I can’t really find something I want to stitch. I’m also a massive advocate of pushing boundaries in cross stitch too.

So maybe it’s just that ‘on more stitch’ feeling? Maybe. We’ve covered how cross stitch is great at reducing stress, but I don’t have a super stressful life (although I wonder if that is because of the cross stitch…).

I’m honestly not sure if it’s one of these, all of these, none of these, maybe even the fact that there are simply so many things to love. However I do know one thing; the thing I hate is frogging. Thankfully frogging has gotten easier lately.

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  1. Mouselina

    I did a lot of artsy crafty type of things in my life like crocheting, origami, journal binding, knitting, painting, etc etc and I know why I chose the cross stitch as my most favourite.

    1) It’s all about following the instructions, you don’t need to be skilled in drawing or painting but there you are making a beautiful image just by following the instructions. You feel good about yourself. Non stitching people think you have a talent even when you are an absolute beginer and your work isn’t even technically that great. That inspires you to stitch more and bigger.

    2) It’s repetitive which calms the mind but gives you freedom so it doesn’t become boring. Unlike for example knitting, you don’t have to go row by row to what sometimes feels like no end. You can choose to work on one area then another, left to right or up to down or whatever you want. Everything is calculated and in order and you are in control. It feels safe. Any mistake can be easily corrected. Unlike drawing where sometimes you just can’t make it look right no matter what.

    3)the variety of choices. I don’t recall ever seeing 500 colours of crochet thread. And then you also get magnifiers and rulers and stands and thingies 😀 having those makes you feel like a professional.

  2. kangopie

    Hi just wanted to say I read all your posts on my email and they are great!!! I can say I love the problem solving involved in stitching… which direction will I stitch in to get this colour to the next row? How will I tackle the full coverage piece will i do it cross country or parking? Will I stitch on the diagonal?
    Answering all these questions is like solving a little puzzle – I also like how uniform stitching tends to be its not like a satin stitch with random lengths of stitching – I like how stitches are big on a 11 count fabric and tiny on a 22 count fabric.
    I even like how stitched patterns ALWAYS seem to look better than the picture that comes with the pattern.
    I actually think making the error is the worst thing – frogging is slightly positive in that i have decided to fix the error and I am not throwing the piece away.