We round up some of the best flosstubers around as submitted by our users, ordered by follower count. Updated January 2021

Cross Stitch With Luda
A Ukranian cross stitcher, Luda posts every video in both English and her native Ukrainian. The videos are informative, well lit, professionally filmed and have a vlog feel about them.
Priscilla & Chelsea
The dual cross stitchers Priscilla & Chelsea not only have a flosstube once a week, but also feature smaller videos on fancy floss. They work together fantastically, and always answer questions from the comments; there is a real community here.
Vonna Pfeiffer
Vonna, or the Twisted Stitcher as many know her, posts once a month, and whilst more structured as others on this list, so much happens in Vonna’s life that its always packed with cross stitch and information!
Country Stitchers
Traditional stitches, with great rapport between the flosstubers, and great to stitch along to.
Teresa Little Stitcher
A British flosstuber with a lot of positive attitude and some great popular cross stitch patterns stitched up. Funny and rather infectious.
Carolyn Mazzeo
Carolyn sadly hasn’t posted in some time, but her back catalogue of videos is a gold mine of information and HAED accomplishments and as a result still deserves a place on our list.
Speaking quickly, but with a great level of energy and a good look at their cross stitch worlds, JustKeepStitching have weekly flosstubes.
Nicola Parkman
Nicola, from Hands Across the Sea is a fantastic flosstuber with class and style. She is designer and educator of British Antique samplers. Really fascinating and informative videos.
Nicole’s Needlework
Shorter episodes with a traditional cross stitch heavy offering, with a great mix of samplers, challenges and chat.
A little more personal and less glitzy than some on this list, the KittenStitcher gives a really good insight into her cross stitch world, whilst talking about some of the weirder things in her life. Also, its cat heavy.
Off the Grid Needlearts
Not just Flosstube videos, but a whole bunch of cross stitch goodness through the week. Her “stitch with me” series once a week is also a great way to calm down whilst cross stitching yourself.
Jan Hicks
Jan posts daily cross stitch videos, which cover a whole raft of topics, but also includes a flosstube every month too.
A very well lit flosstube offering allows you to see a lot more of the stitches than others on the list. It tends to be almost 100% cross stitch, with no life stories, but that allows lindystitches to pack her videos with tips, tricks, info, and techniques you might not be used to.
The Needle Bugg Karen Bugg
Unlike other flosstubes, Karen Bugg gives us more techniques and tips, in particular her diagonal stitching style.
Cathy Habermann
A fortnightly update, Cathy gives you an insight into the world of a designer, instead of a standard stitcher. If you’ve ever wanted to know what its like for a designer, Cathy is a great place to start.
Saltbox Stitcher
Hour long videos once a month, giving us updates on traditional samplers and prim stitching. She’s been on flosstube for little over a year, but has a great following thanks to her nearly 40 years cross stitching.
Brenda and the Serial Starter
A great pair of friends come together to go through their country sampler cross stitch. Great rapport and their stitching is beautiful.
Stitchin’ Mommy
Shorter weekly videos with a real mix of cross stitch from super traditional to super modern, small to massive. A great flosstuber, who also designs patterns you can stitch along with.
Mischievous Stitches
Smaller videos on a more regular basis, mischievous stitches gives us updates on all things stitchy in her life, with more than one video a week.
Kindred Stitcher
Focusing on traditional cross stitch with occasional guest stars.
Little Yellow House Crafts
A mix of all types of crafts with a strong focus on cross stitch and embroidery.
Ginger Gerald Stitcher
The first male cross stitcher on the list, Gerald is young, has a high level of production value, and are really great videos. However unlike others, his videos are usually sub-15 minutes.
Javagirl Stitches
Very very new to youtube, yet a fantastic repour with the camera.
Stitch ALL The Things
A weekly flosstube, with more than just cross stitch. She also has a seriously good craft space behind her.
Stitching Jules
A little more standard as flosstube videos go, Jules takes us through her world of truly epic cross stitches.
All videos are in Spanish, with most being re-released in English as well. The videos tend to focus more on the threads, tools and techniques used rather than completions or starts.
Jessie Marie Does Stuff
A mixed bag of tips, challenges and other topics, Jessie Marie tends to stick to large projects and stitches on the back of challenges and tasks on a monthly basis to keep lots of projects going at once.
Stitch Roadie
A very jolly flosstuber with a traditional cross stitch theme.
halfstitch cross stitch
A slightly different take on flossstube, she records a small segment every day, and combines them for a weekly cross stitch update.
Lost in Floss
Fairly new to the youtube scene lost in floss create monthly video updates.
Steel City Stitchers
Four Pittsburgh friends nattering about all things cross stitch. Each flosstube is themed to a specific topic.
The second male on our list, a fairly traditional cross stitch floss tube, with a good amount of stitch goodness.
Shirl McKinney Tranquil Stitches
Shirl creates videos on a weekly basis usually, however also includes a series of smaller segments throughout the week.
Sunshine Stitchers
Sunshine stitchers follows the stitching activity of a whole group of cross stitchers, with three mixed sex presenters most weeks.
Stitching In Sequins
Despite the name, there really isn’t much sequin chat, and is purely cross stitch and related topics. A mix of very short and longer videos. Tends to shift between traditional and modern stitches meaning you get a great variance of content.
A male cross stitcher, posting once a week, packed full of great advice, and unlike many, he talks about the small details in his work and why they’re that way.
Julie McConnell

A flosstube channel from an avoid cross stitcher, but also a cross stitch shop owner.
Jen Lee
A fairly new channel, Jen updates us once a month with her new projects, and has more than most people on the go at once.
Amy Loves Toads
Despite the name, the her love of toads, there really isn’t much talk of animals. Instead, Amy is fairly new to the flosstube world, and her smile and positive attitude are infectious.
Flannel Jammies Farm
A high production value, with a great selection of guests, fun and field trips.
Married With Stitches
Two married gents go over their great life, filled with cross stitch and other hilarity. If you want a great friend from your flosstuber, these two are always positive, and always a laugh!
2 Martini Stitcher
Mostly contemporary stitches, with the occassional traditional American style sampler, and a few bits of knitting this flosstuber shares every bit of knowledge she has with you.
Gulf Coast Stitcher
A weekly update from a cross stitch pattern seller, with a verge towards traditional.
Leslie Hurley
A real varied mix of traditional flosstube videos, demos, and techniques, Leslie has a great channel. There are the occassional kitten videos, but they’re clearly marked, and don’t get in the way of her usual video schedule.
The Crafty Curator
Longer videos on a fortnightly basis, with a great incusion of cross stitch. Her videos improve all the time, and she’ll soon be a well known name.
SamBrie Stitches
Multiple videos a week might be a little too much for some to handle, but a flosstuber with a lot of styles, makes tips and more.
House of Stitch and Stash
Rika shares with us a whole bunch of cross stitching goodness including MANY projects happening at once, and an always positive outlook!
Joy Filled Stitcher
Only been going a year, but already has a strong following, this flosstuber really is what she says; joy filled.
Michelle Bendy Stitchy
Probably the youngest person on this list, Michelle has a great flosstube with multiple camera angles to give close up shots.
AndreaC – iHeartCrossStitch
Hour long monthly updates of cross stitch in a mostly kitsch style.
Established for a long time, but doesn’t have a great following as her videos aren’t marked as flosstubes. Her great selling feature is her insanely funny videos and take on life.
A British flosstuber with a traditional edge. Also includes a lot of her life as well as cross stitch.
A new stitcher, that takes you on her journey with her. Although she’s only been going for 3 months, we’d had a shocking amount of requests for her to be added, so we’ve made an exception! Modern cross stitch.
CraftyCreative Clare
Short videos, but a detailed look at her cross stitch world.
Think we’re missing a good flosstube? Suggest a channel!

All of the channels featured above post regularly (once a month minimum over the last year), and their content is about cross stitch at least 75% of the time. All flosstubers have been submitted by our users and must have at least 1000 followers on their main video platform.



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