53 Free Cross Stitch Alphabets

Sometimes you just don’t like working on a cross stitch pattern, or maybe you want to design a pattern of your own. So we’ve combined over 50 free cross stitch fonts and alphabets for you to download and use for free. Patterns increase in size as they go down the page. Just click the image to get a higher resolution version.
Most include upper case, lower case and numbers.
These alphabet patterns are provided for free private use. They can be used for any private pattern, however if you wish to use in a commercial setting, please contact me to ask permission (they’re free for commercial use too).
You can get all the below fonts for use in WinStitch/MacStitch now!

5 stitches high

Minature Cross Stitch Alphabet Pattern Free Download By Lord Libidan

6 stitches high

7 stitches high

8 stitches high

9 stitches high

10 stitches high

11 stitches high

12 stitches high

15 stitches high

16 stitches high

These alphabet patterns are provided for free and are under a creative commons BY-NC-SA copyright.

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  1. Margarita Elizabeth Reyes Durand

    Thank you for alleviating and facilitating our difficulty in terms of undertaking cross stitch and improving our work. Congratulations and total success. Greetings from Peru.

  2. B Bernard

    This is fabulous, thank you

  3. Mary Ash

    This site has good information regarding changing skin tones and hair color.

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    From a beginner – thanks muchly

  5. Su

    Very informative site.