Find The Perfect Skin Tone – DMC Threads

Finding the right skin tone threads can be VERY hard, normally resulting in a super pink face, or a washed out face. However, with the sheer volume of threads out there, its not actually that hard to create really realistic skin tones.

Skin Tone Cross Stitch Thread Table by Lord Libidan
Skin Tone Cross Stitch Thread Table by Lord Libidan

Skin Tone Cross Stitch Thread Table by Lord Libidan

We’ve created the above table so you can look up the skin tone you want to stitch and see both highlight and shadow thread colors for DMC to go with it. Equally, you can go down the table to see darker skin tones progressively.
With this, you can edit existing patterns to match skin tones you want, or you can make your own patterns with quality skin colors.

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  1. CJ

    When you recommend the three, skintone, highlight and shadow, is it suggested to blend all three threads together in each stitch, or is it intended to stitch separately to create more three deminsional depth, so some of the face/body is in shadow?

    1. LordLibidan

      It depends on your project, but in most cases faces normally have shadows and light points so we would suggest using them this way to give some depth.

  2. Victoria Dian Collins

    Thank you for this. I want to do a diamond painting, and will use this guide to change the white skin to brown. Again thank you. I am able to purchase a wider variety if paintings now. 🙂

  3. Laura

    This is sooo helpful. Thank you!!