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Best Free Cross Stitch Generators

KG-Chart import screen shot (source: KG-Chart)

Free Online cross stitch generators:

patternsforyou.com (FREE) – 7.5/10

Based on 1042 reviews

All online pattern makers have one big problem: limitations. However, of all the online pattern makers I’ve used, patternsforyou.com has the least. With a large 300×300 stitching area, quite good image editing and color selection, its the best one.

myphotostitch.com (FREE) – 7/10

Based on 302 reviews

With a limited 150×120 stitch area its a little annoying, but the real beauty of myphotstitch.com is the ease of use. Select your image, and it does it all for you. The only options you get are changing the size (it defaults to maximum), but its the easiest of all pattern makers around.
However, that said, I would suggest using the advanced version (also free), which gives a few more options.

craftdesignonline (FREE) – 5/10

Based on 46 reviews

As a craft pattern app maker, you would expect craftdesignonline to be quite good, and it is, however its clearly make for the younger market, with very limited image editing and a 100×100 stitch area. It does have a cool feature of sharing your patterns though!

Pic2Pat (FREE) – 5/10

Based on 78 reviews

If you go a poll of online pattern makers, Pic2Pat comes up fairly high. There are many arguments in its favor, such as 4 thread types, ease of use, etc. However the set sizes of the output are a little annoying.

Free iPad cross stitch generator:

Magic Needle (FREE) – 8/10

Based on 5 reviews

A new entry to the world of cross stitch generators, Magic Needle is effectively a ‘poiint and click’ pattern generator, however also boasts more more advanced features that make it a little special. As the only true free cross stitch generator for iPad and iPhone is definately worth a shot, even if it isn’t as advanced as the likes of Cross Stitch Saga.
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Free download cross stitch generator:

Stitch Art Easy! (FREE) – 4/10

Based on 14 reviews

The only free fully fledged program on the list. Well, its free, and with that comes limited use. However, if you’re looking to spend as little as possible, Stitch Art Easy! will definitely do the job. Its got everything you might need, and really helps you get your head around making patterns. If you want a little more, you have the opportunity to purchase one of the other programs, so its a great starter program. If you do upgrade, WinStitch or MacStitch is most similar in design.