Lord Libidan

3D Transforming Optimus Prime Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

Optimus Prime Transforming 3D Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan in robot form

Title: 3D Transforming Optimus Prime
Date Completed: August 2010
Design: Lord Libidan/Paper Robots 1999
Count: 14
Canvas: Plastic
Colours: 6
Show: Transformers
Plastic canvas has always drawn me, it allows for the structured cross stitch to become its own structure. However, when I picked up a few sheets all of the patterns looked so boring. A boring simple house? Neh. I wanted to make something better. So I pondered for a while before realising that plastic canvas can be used in a similar way to building blocks, and with it you can make any shape. I knew that I wanted to push boundaries a little of what was possible, and I had only just started cross stitch, so wasn’t afraid to fail.
I always loved fiddling with my brothers generation 1 transformer toys and it started from there. Its based on the original toy series, so transforms into a Peterbilt style semi-tractor. Initially I thought about making the robot itself, and realised I could make joints move by using wire paper clips. One thing led to another and before you know it, I was planning on hundreds of scrap peices of paper how to make it transform.
It got a LOT of attention, and so I started designing a second transformer; Jetfire, a robot that transforms into a jet plane. It didn’t stop there though! I even have a Soundwave tape deck trasformer, with tapes that fit inside that transform into ratbat and laserbeak!
Its now been featured on:
Mr X Stitch: Link
Reddit: Link
And won Penny Nickels Contest: Link
If you look out for Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine, I will be published in their March issue!
You can buy this pattern on my Etsy shop and many other transformers, so go have a look! LINK