Is Glow-In-The-Dark really here to stay?

DMC has come out with a lot of new and interesting threads over the years (and still do), however, one that EVERYONE knows, is the glow in the dark range. Other brands quickly followed suit, and now there are loads of different brands, shades, and constructs to choose from. However, my main question, is are they really here to stay?

This post is scheduled for Halloween, and glow in the dark threads are used in almost every Halloween project for obvious reasons, however outside of October, do you really see them? My answer is pretty much no.

Bioshock Charge Vigor Cross Stitch

I’m not against glow in the dark, I’ve used it in a series of projects, like the one above which uses Sew It All’s glow in the dark aida, however, a quick google search shows there simply aren’t many projects out there using the stuff.

The thread is a little complicated to use, some are worse than others, however, it only compares to a metallic thread. But metallic threads are used all the time in loads of projects.
Instead, glow in the dark has been relegated to a gimmick thread, instead of being part of your go-to threads.

Spiderman Glow In The Dark Cross Stitch by stitchFIGHT (source:

I will agree that glow in the dark in all forms is used rarely, however with recent pushes into variegated thread, including DMC’s new Coloris range it seems to me that glow in the dark might not be here to stay…

Undertale Glow-in-the-dark Cross Stitch by cthylla (source:

If you want more glow in the dark goodness, this video by MrXStitch delves into what’s available in the market currently.

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  1. Nria Mond

    Oh, finally!
    Five years ago I got a great present: A pillow embroidered with Thorin’s map (handmade, of course) and the moon-letters were done in glow in the dark thread. I love this pillow and always wanted to try out this thread myself, but in Germany, you couldn’t get it anywhere (I forgot to ask the person who gave the pillow to me where she bought it and then lost contact). Now I know exactly what to look for.
    I want to stitch glow in the dark stars. And my own moon-letters. And cats’ eyes. Oh, so many possibilities 😀