the ultimate guide to selling cross stitch patterns on etsy
We deep dive into selling cross stitch patterns online, and Etsy over this series. Click the links below to see some of the blog posts, or even download our free ebook!

Selling Cross Stitch Online

shut up and take my moneyMaking cross stitch is an awesome way to spend your time, however, there’s always that one thing in your mind, the question everyone always thinks about “Can I make money from this?”.

Copyright & Cross Stitch

copyright defintionCopyright issues within the cross stitch community are rife, and when you have a cross stitch store you need to be extra careful not to cause any issues. We give some of the best advice on what is OK and what is not.

The Perfect Amount Of Patterns To Sell On Etsy?

Etsy Listings - Lord Libidan's Sarky StitchesSelling cross stitch patterns on Etsy sounds great, but how much money can you actually make? And is there a perfect amount of patterns to get this?

Why Your Cross Stitch Patterns Aren’t Selling

cross stitch make moneyWhen you aren’t selling as many cross stitch patterns as you thought, it makes you feel like giving up. So we go over some of the main, and lesser known, reasons for your cross stitch store doing badly, and suggest ways on how to improve!

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Setting up a store
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List an item
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Future Development
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