About Me

Who am I?
Oh yeh, I’m an internationally exhibited cross stitch designer and artist by day, member of aristocracy by night. I stitch video game and contemporary cross stitch, and try to break the mold, by taking a different look at the traditional cross stitch, such as playing with perspective, or making 3D transformers.
A self titled “manbroiderer” (male embroiderer) I’m an internationally published cross stitch author and designer with 5 books and kits out, and 2 international magazines. I blog on my own website, in addition to being a blogger on Sprite Stitch (a video game craft website), a feature blogger for Mr X Stitch (the leading contemporary embroidery website), and a guest blogger on various cross stitch blogs.
If you want to get in contact, head over to the contact page and send me an email, or of course you can find me on a whole plethora of social media. And you should check out my RSS feed too.
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Claims to fame:
September 2017 – Author, pattern designer and stitcher for the Hello Kitty Cross Stitch Kit Book
August 2017 – Contributor for the Mr X Stich Guide to Cross Stitch book
July 2017 – Pattern designer and stitcher for XStitch Mag
November 2016 – Author, pattern designer and stitcher for Star Wars Cross Stitch Kit Book
August 2016 – Worked with SuckUK for a world map aida comission
April 2016 – Won contest ‘Gamers Delight’ by the DeviantArt group stitchingpirates
January 2016 – Published in the Mr X Stitch 2016 Cross Stitch Calendar
December 2015 – Published in the Cross Stitcher Magazine (Issue 300)
January 2015 – Mentioned in a recent TED talk by Mr X Stitch
November 2014 – Pattern designer and stitcher for Disney Classic Cross Stitch Kit & book
May 2014 – Featured in Mr X Stitch’s Exhibition in Bedford, UK
April 2014 – Winner of SpriteStitch March ’14 challenge
March 2014 – “Knitting & Stitching Show 2014” exhibit with Mr X Stitch and Spike Dennis
March 2014 – Taken part in the worlds longest hand embroidery project
May 2013 – Pattern designer and stitcher for Star Trek Cross-Stitch: Explore Strange New Worlds of Crafting book
March 2013 – Published in the Cross Stitcher Designer Stitches bookazine
August 2012 – Published in the Creative Crafting online magazine (Issue 15)
May 2012 – Published in the Cross Stitcher Magazine (Issue 253)
March 2012 – Published in Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine (Issue 163)
March 2012 – “Stitch & Craft Show 2012” exhibit with Jamie Chalmers, aka Mr X Stitch, EliotBK, BeeFranck, Crapestry, Stitchalicious and stitchFIGHT
March 2012 – “Sewing For Pleasure” exhibition with the Mr X Stitch team
February 2012 – Feature blogger for contemporary cross stitch website Mr X Stitch
December 2011 – Became main blogger for Sprite Stitch
October 2011 – Won contest by famed stitcher Penny Nickel
October 2011 – Collaborated with renowned t-shirt designer Jimiyo
April 2011 – Collaborated with fellow stitcher NurseTab
March 2011 – Collaborated with artist BigRedJake
I’m always looking for inspiration and other crafts, so if you want to get your piece on Sprite Stitch, contact me here. I’ve also worked with people in the past, so if you want your art to become a cross stitch, head over to my contact page, or you can contact me by my real name Rhys Turton.
And no, I’m not actually a lord. But I should be.