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About Lord Libidan

I’m an internationally exhibited cross stitch designer and artist by day, member of aristocracy by night. I stitch video game and contemporary cross stitch, and try to break the mold, by taking a different look at the traditional cross stitch, such as playing with perspective, or making 3D transformers.
A self titled “manbroiderer” (male embroiderer) I’m an internationally published cross stitch author and designer with 5 books and kits out, and 2 international magazines. I blog on my own website, in addition to being a blogger on Sprite Stitch (a video game craft website), a feature blogger for Mr X Stitch (the leading contemporary embroidery website), and a guest blogger on various cross stitch blogs.

Born to British Aristocracy, the man now known as Lord Libidan discovered the art of cross stitch while in a Buddhist monastery high in the Himalayan mountains. After meditating on the craft for years, he emerged from his retreat ready to challenge the prevailing paradigm and elevate embroidery to new levels. Focusing his talents on video game and pop culture cross stitches, he produces work that pushes as the boundaries of the form.

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Author of:

Fine Art cross stitch book by Lord Libidan Emoji cross stitch book by Lord Libidan hello kitty cross stitch book by Lord Libidan Star Wars Cross Stitch Kit Book by Lord Libidan Star Trek Cross-Stitch: Explore Strange New Worlds of Crafting book by Lord Libidan disney classic cross stitch by lord libidan

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Lakeside Needlecraft Winter Cross Stitch Book featuring Lord Libidan (Source: lakesideneedlecraft.co.uk)XStitch Magazine Issue 9 featuring Lord Libidan (Source: xstitchmag.com)Xstitch Issue 8 Munchies featuring Lord Libidan (Source: xstitchmag.com)Cross Stitcher Magazine Issue 342 featuring Lord Libidan (Source: crossstitchermag.co.uk)Xstitch Issue 7 Love featuring Lord LibidanXstitch Issue 6 Mistape featuring Lord Libidanxstitch mag Issue 5 Combined CoverCross Stitch Crazy Issue 243 cross stitch crazy issue 245 xstitch magazine issue 4 cover xstitch magazine issue 3 cover xstitch magazine issue 2 cover mr x stitch guide to cross stitch with lord libidan Sewing World magazine cover august 2017 xstitch magazine cover summer 2017 Cross Stitcher Designer Stitches Bookazine mr x stitch calandar 2016 cross stitcher magazine cover december 2015 Creative Crafting Magazine Cross Stitcher magazine cross stitch crazy magazine cover march 2012

Exhibited at:

british textile biennial logoNational Trust Standen House featuring Lord Libidanfarnham pottery exhibition guide to cross stitch featuring Lord Libidan mr x stitch exhibition bedford featuring Lord Libidan knitting stitching show 2012 featuring Lord Libidan stitch and craft exhibition featuring Lord Libidan sewing for pleasure exhibition

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National Needlecraft Awards 2019 won by Lord LibidanTop 20 Cross Stitch Blogs by sparpedia.auTop 10 Cross Stitch Blogs by feedspot.com  

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The Telegraph newspaper logo (Source: telegraph.co.uk)

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And no, I’m not actually a lord. But I should be.