Here you will be able to find all the guides I’ve created over the years, to help you learn cross stitch, or to pick up a few insider tips.

Getting Started

So, What Is Cross Stitch?
What Do You Need To Start Cross Stitching?
How To Cross Stitch
Cross Stitch Instructions
How To Cross Stitch On Black Aida
How To Sign Your Cross Stitch
Washing, Drying & Ironing
How To Frame Cross Stitch
Glass Or No Glass; Whats Best When Framing Cross Stitch?
Storing Finished Cross Stitch
How To Fix Common Cross Stitch Mistakes
How Do I Remove Cross Stitch Stains
How To Make Sure You Buy A Quality Cross Stitch Pattern
How To Make Sure You Buy A Cross Stitch Pattern That Isn’t Copyrighted
Where to Get Cross Stitch Inspiration
Copyright & Cross Stitch
How To Make Awesome Cross Stitch

Intermediate Techniques

Does The Back Of Your Cross Stitch Matter?
How To Pull A Skein Of Thread without It Knotting
How To Properly Store Cross Stitch Threads
How To Put Cross Stitch Threads On A Bobbin
Cross Stitch Gridding Techniques
How To Keep Track Of Your DMC Threads
Where Should You Start Your Cross Stitch?
Whats The Best Way To Show Cross Stitch Off Online?
How To Cross Stitch Faster
How To Use Metallic Threads
Selling Cross Stitch Online
How To Cross Stitch Objects Without Waste Canvas
How To Cross Stitch On Any Fabric
How To Identify Threads If You Don’t Know The Brand
When Should You Give Up A Cross Stitch Project?
Do You Actually Need To Remove Your Cross Stitch From The Hoop?
7 Ways To Stop Your Cross Stitch Fraying
How To Keep Motivation While Tackling A Big Cross Stitch Project

Advanced Techniques

How To Finish Plastic Canvas Cross Stitch
How To Tackle Epic Cross Stitch Patterns
Where To Find Super Sized Aida
How To Make Cross Stitch Patterns
Find The Perfect Skin Tone For Your Cross Stitch Pattern
Find The Perfect Hair Colors For Your Cross Stitch Pattern
How Do I Make A Free Video Game Cross Stitch Pattern?
Create Your Own Free Pokemon Cross Stitch Pattern Online
So You’ve Finished A Pattern; But Is It Perfect?
Clever Tricks To Make Cross Stitch Patterns Pop
Changing Colors On A Cross Stitch Pattern
How To Use A DMC Color Card
Where To Find The Best Cross Stitch Thread Deals
Do You Really Need To Wash Your Cross Stitch?
How To Sell Your Completed Cross Stitch



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