Here you will be able to find all the guides I’ve created over the years, to help you learn cross stitch, or to pick up a few insider tips.

So, What is Cross Stitch?

A slightly detailed look at how to explain your cross stitch hobby to the masses without getting that confused face.

How To Cross Stitch Like A Rock Star

A step by step guide on how to cross stitch.

How do I make cross stitch patterns?

A basic guide on how to make cross stitch patterns.

How do I make a free video game cross stitch pattern?

A more detailed guide on how to make video game cross stitch patterns.

Create your own free Pokemon cross stitch pattern online

A sweet guide from our friend, Aime Cox on how to make a free pokemon cross stitch pattern online.

Washing, Drying & Ironing

All the information you need on washing, drying and ironing your cross stitch before framing to ensure it stays perfect forever.

How to frame cross stitch

After washing your cross stitch its important to know how best to frame your epic project!

Storing finished cross stitch

How to store your cross stitch to ensure its kept in perfect condition.

How do I remove cross stitch stains

How to store your cross stitch to ensure its kept in perfect condition.

Where to get cross stitch inspiration

Sometimes you just need a little push to get the inspiration you need!

Selling Cross Stitch Online

Can you make money from cross stitch? Yes, and here’s how.

Copyright & Cross Stitch

A detailed guide on how copyright might effect your cross stitch store.

So you’ve finished a pattern; but is it perfect?

The best tips on how to create perfect patterns, and are the best they can be.

ITS RUINED! How to fix common cross stitch mistakes

All the common issues you might have with cross stitch: fixed.

How to cross stitch objects WITHOUT waste canvas

Waste canvas can be awesome, but if you’re stitching on something that can’t get wet, or have none to hand, this can help!

How to make awesome cross stitch!

How to make your cross stitch that little bit more awesome and take over the internet!

Clever tricks to make cross stitch patterns pop

If you haven’t yet started your pattern, there are a few things you can do to just make it pop out of the crowd.

Whats the best way to show cross stitch off online?

Everyone wants internet love. This is how to get it.

How To Cross Stitch Faster

Learn the ways you can speed up your stitching.


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