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Some of the most requested Pokemon patterns out there, and seen as some of the most epic; are Servotron’s epic Pokemon cross stitch patterns.
We’ve compiled all 5 of Servotron’s patterns and an additional 6 and 7th generations by Shadow_Nova, showing the first 7 generations of Pokemon in the generation 5 Pokemon sprites. Each pattern is the same size, and uses the same 105 master colors.
Stitch Count: 256w x 450h
Finished Size: 18.3″ x 32.1″ or 46.4cm x 81.6cm (14ct)
Number of colors: 105 (generation 1), 101 (generation 2), 105 (generation 3), 103 (generation 4), 101 (generation 5), 102 (generation 6) & 103 (generation 7) DMC

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Generation 1 (Red/Blue/Yellow)

Download Gen 1 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 1 B&W pattern
Download Gen 1 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 2 (Gold/Silver/Crystal)

Download Gen 2 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 2 B&W pattern
Download Gen 2 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 3 (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)

Download Gen 3 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 3 B&W pattern
Download Gen 3 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 4 (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)

Download Gen 4 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 4 B&W pattern
Download Gen 4 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 5 (Black/White/Black 2/White 2)

Download Gen 5 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 5 B&W pattern
Download Gen 5 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 6 (X/Y)

Download Gen 6 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 6 B&W pattern
Download Gen 6 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 7 (Sun/Moon)

Download Gen 7 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 7 B&W pattern
Download Gen 7 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 8 (Sword/Shield)

– Coming Soon –

Thank you to Servotron and Shadow_Nova for making these patterns with the help of the SpriteStitch community and all the members of the Poke Community and Smogon forums for their excellent sprites.

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If you want to see how they look completed, we have a whole gallery you can view!
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This Post Has 113 Comments

  1. Kyra

    HI im trying to start Gen one extended but theres a bit of overlap in the color chart, what number is supposed to be between 523 and 3340 at the bottom of the second column

    1. LordLibidan

      We didn’t make that pattern so we can’t be 100% sure, but looking at the placement of that symbol, it looks to be 3778.

  2. Trysten

    Are the patterns correct on all of the generations other than the first one or should we try and color match for all of them? I’m wanting to make it as spot on to the photos as possible. Wondering if I need to start going to stores and trying to match them all and hoard them lol. Also thinking about doing them on 16ct adia do you think that would be best? Not new to cross stitching but definitely not a pro, need all the tips I can get lol

    1. LordLibidan

      The colors are as close as we can achieve in cross stitch using DMC threads, so I wouldn’t bother using custom colors. People have in the past, but the difference has been tiny, and to my eye at least, undetectable. But, 100% your choice! We won’t take offense if you do!
      I would personally stitch it on 14 or 16 count as I prefer those counts most, but as a non-pro, those are good counts to start with too!

  3. Michelle

    I am looking at starting the cross stitch for the Generation 1 part and a little confused on the Finished Size when looking at ordered Aida cloth. I was wanting to go with 14 count/inch fabric. I know in the pattern on page 31 there is a suggested size for 18ct/inch Aida. But I am not seeing how that finished sized is determined. When comparing to the Cross Stich calculator. Because when I put the 299 wide and 474 stitches high into the calculator. Selecting 18 threads per inch, 1 threads each X covers I get a sizing of 16 5/8 inches wide and 26 3/8 inches high for the stitched area.

    So the confusion comes when looking at the value on the calculator is 42.2275 cm wide and 66.9925 cm high.

    And on the last page of the extended version it says 84.38 cm * 133.73 cm (18 ct/inch)
    So what’s on that last page is almost double what the Calculator mentioned.

    So I am wondering why there is such a large addition between the two.

    I am looking at ordering 14 ct fabric to do these pieces on. But trying to understand where the calculations for the 18 count fabric came from.

    Since the Extended patterns have different stich counts then the standard color/black and white ones.

    Right above all the links there is the finished sized on 14 count. But that only takes into account the originalls not the extended ones. So 256 stiches wide vs 450 stiches high.

    And on the calculators that does come out correctly.

    So I am trying to understand the Finished Sized once I open the PDF.

    Thanks so much in advance. I am fairly new to Cross Stich and have only followed patterns that have dimensions for various counts. So I have a list to follow. But this will be the first type of pattern I am following where the stich count is given.

    1. LordLibidan

      Hey Michelle,
      In short, the “stitched area” always remains the same, at 42cm by 67cm (on 18 count). However the suggested “finished area” on the extended pattern shows the stitched area + some space around the work to account for framing, etc.
      We didn’t make the epic gen 1 extended pattern, and we’re not keen on how they’ve presented this either. If you look at the other extended ones they show the stitched area only.
      The stitched area of the extended pattern on 14 count aida is 55cm by 86cm. You’ll need fabric larger than this for edging though.
      Hope that helps!

  4. Alex

    I heard of one with the first 5 generations together where would I find that at?

      1. Noreen

        Thank you so much

  5. Munty

    Hey LordLibian, is it possible to relay a question to Shadow_Nova please? Unless of course you know the answer yourself! I am using pixel craft stuff for my attempt at extended gen 1 and I am halfway through the blacks right now. I’m currently trying to colour match the rest of the pattern which is proving as difficult as anticipated but I am now noticing quite a big difference between the colour shown on the pattern and key and the DMC thread colours referenced. I have been matching to the DMC colours so far but on closer inspection I wonder if maybe the colours used in the pattern itself are more accurate to the pokemon’s true colours. So I wonder if it is possible to ask Shadow_Nova if the colours shown on the pattern are the ‘right’ ones I should be matching to or if I should carry on matching to the DMC ones… Some are quite different like ghastly’s face (being purple in the pattern but much more blue in thread 336) or Wartortle’s main colour which is the opposite (blue in the pattern but more purpley as thread 156!) I would observe that the colours on the picture are closer to the correct ones than the DMC threads which are recomended but it’s impossible to tell for sure! I’d just like to make sure I get it right and use the best possible colours so figure asking the man who made it may be the best bet! (It has just occurred to me that the first pattern was someone else’s work possibly… But the question stands and any help would be much appreciated!) Thanks in advance!

    1. LordLibidan

      Hey, You’re right, the first one wasn’t made by Shadow_Nova, it was made by Servotron.
      In short, the pattern uses DMC threads that are as close to the originals as they can be. The actual image has about 5000 colors in it, but the pattern has only 150 threads.
      If you wanted to get as close as possible to the real colors, I would match to the image, not match to the pattern.
      Hope that helps!

  6. Daniel

    Is there an ETA for the newest generation pattern? I’m currently doing generation 4. But love some of the new pokemon.

    1. LordLibidan

      No firm date, but we have a copy and it’s been checked for errors. However, it’s Pokemon’s 25th anniversary soon (later this month) so we wanted to wait to make sure there are no new Pokemon in this generation. Usually, when they launch the single title at the end of the generation (like “Z” in the previous generation) they add new Pokemon in.

  7. Cindy

    Hi there, how do I know how many of each color I would have to buy?

    1. LordLibidan

      This depends on the count you choose to stitch, how many strands you use, and your efficiency with the thread. We have a skein calculator that should be able to help you out πŸ˜€

  8. Stephanie

    I’m looking for the color names or numbers for gen 1 please. Cant find them anywhere.

    1. LordLibidan

      Hey, if you download the patterns you should see the list of colors on the last page.

  9. Ashley

    Been working my way through the first one and loving it! I was curious, will there be extended patterns for the others?
    Also, thank you so much for these! You are so wonderful letting us use these patterns for free!

    1. LordLibidan

      Hey Ashley, I’m afraid there aren’t any plans to make the extended versions of other generations at the moment. We were asked about it a couple of days ago though, so we may consider it! Right now we want to get generation 8 finished!

    2. Calli

      Oh man i just came here to ask the same thing!!! I’m up to page 7 of the first gen extended and LOVE it, i think it looks so fantastic seeing it all extended. Would love to eventually do them all and have them all matching πŸ™‚

      1. LordLibidan

        Hey, just wanted to say, you asked, and Shadow_Nova answered! We now have extended versions of all the generations published!

    3. LordLibidan

      Shadow_Nova saw your comment and helped us out! We now have extended versions of all the generations published!

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