With so many cross stitch books out there, I’ve read my way through a library just to give you a rundown of the best cross stitch books, categorized by difficulty.

Best Books For Beginners

The Mr X Stitch Guide to Cross Stitch

mr x stitch guide to cross stitch Cover
Difficulty: X to XX

By Jamie Chalmers
Perfect for the beginner, it doesn’t get too technical, and everything it written with an entertaining edge. Its fun, chatty and includes some awesome modern patterns. We have a full review here.

The New Cross Stitcher’s Bible

the new cross stitchers bible
Difficulty: X to XXXX

By Jane Greenoff
A staple in many cross stitchers collections, the Jane Greenoff Cross Stitch bible has been updated a series of times over the years, and covers everything from the very basics, so complex theories and stitches. It can be a great learning resource, but is a bit hard to get into.

Cross Stitch: A beginner’s step-by-step guide

cross stitch beginners book cover
Difficulty: X to XX

By Charlotte Gerlings
A general beginners book with a slant on smaller projects, this book offers clear and concise advice without going off topic. Small at only 48 pages.

Best Intermediate Books

Mega Mini Cross Stitch

mega mini cross stitch book cover
Difficulty: XX to XXX

By Makoto Oozu
A compendium of small cross stitches by Japanese cross stitch master Makoto Oozu, over 900 simple patterns and some basic instructions. The diffuculty comes from the language; the whole book is in Japanese.

Cross-Stitch to Calm: Stitch and De-Stress

Cross-Stitch to Calm- Stitch and De-Stress book cover
Difficulty: XX to XXX

By Leah Lintz
These simple patterns, mostly using less than 5 colors are great practice, but offer little in the way of very complicated designs. The 40 patterns included are all well created however, making each pattern a worth while stitch.

The Cross-Stitch Garden

the cross stitch garden book cover
Difficulty: XX to XXX

By Kazuko Aoki
A great selection of delicate patterns and designs make this a book intermediate book, capable of stretching newer and more advanced stitchers alike.

Best Advanced Books

Storyland Cross Stitch

Difficulty: XX to XXXX

By Sophie Simpson
A great book with a series of interesting patterns ranging from fairly simple to advanced, with each pattern having its own kit items attached; ready for stitching.

Criss Crossing Paris

Criss Crossing Paris by Fiona Sinclair and Sally-Anne Hayes Book Cover (source: amazon)
Difficulty: XXX to XXXX

By Fiona Sinclair & Sally-Anne Hayes
Our personal all time favorite cross stitch book, Criss Crossing Paris takes a fresh look at cross stitch, and how sometimes not sticking to the pattern can produce a fantastic piece. Check out our review.

Subversive Cross Stitch

subversive cross stitch book cover
Difficulty: XXX to XXXX

By Julie Jackson
Rude and lude, but a great set of patterns, made specifically to make you chuckle. Whilst the book does have basic instructions, its patterns are far from simple.

Do-It-Yourself Stitch People

Difficulty: XXX to XXXX

By Elizabeth Dabczynski-Bean
A book with no guide at all seems like a bad idea, however this fantastic resource allows you to create your own cross stitch people by picking hair, faces, bodies, legs and accessories. As a result there is no pattern to follow, meaning you have to work it out yourself.



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