DMC Thread Inventory Spreadsheet – Updated

Everyone loves a good collection of threads, but unless you have the whole set of DMC threads you’re going to need a way to keep track of what you have, and haven’t got. That’s why we created this awesome colored spreadsheet of all standard, metallic, variations, variegated, Coloris and Étoile 6 strand DMC threads, so you can keep track.
Just click the link or image and save the spreadsheet. You can access it on your computer, phone, or put it through googledocs!

DMC thread spreadsheet free download by Lord Libidan
DMC thread inventory sheet free download by Lord Libidan

Direct download link

Looking for a PDF download?

We have you covered.
Direct download link
Updated October 2019



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62 thoughts on “DMC Thread Inventory Spreadsheet – Updated

  1. Too bad you don’t have the discontinued variegated colors with their corresponding numbers listed.

  2. I see in your comments that you updated the PDF to fix the “mediumium” spelling errors but when I download from the link the PDF still has those errors. Where can I find the updated one? Also, did you fix the ones that have the number in the name, like 13 and 14? Thanks this is really handy!

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