Free Pokemon Baubles Cross Stitch Pattern

With Christmas on the horizon its not too surprising that people have been asking me for my Pokemon baubles. These are actually designed by ristvak over at SpriteStitch but I was the first to stitch them, so I still get asked about them all the time!

xmas pokemon baubles cross stitch pattern

You can download the patterns over on Sprite Stitch.

I’ve seen a few versions of these, including some swell ones with neon bulbs on pikachu, so go nuts and experiment!

Christmas Pokemon Bauble Cross Stitches
Christmas Pokemon Bauble Cross Stitches

Pikachu Notebook Cross Stitch

Title: Pikachu Notebook
Date Completed: September 2016
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Video Game: Pokemon
Despite the years of cross stitch I’ve never used waste canvas. This idea was originally planned to use it, but quite quickly I realised I couldn’t get the journal wet. After a lot of foundering I came across Severija, and worked out the way she cross stitched onto solid objects. I’ll make a guide soon, however for now, this is the completed Pikachu notebook, which will be up on my Etsy store, so catch it while you can!

Rise of the Twitch Cross Stitcher

A few weeks ago I posted a blog entitled “is cross stitch dead?”, and summarized that it had instead changed. One way it’s changed is the vblogging phenomenon known as Twitch.

Twitch is a video website that streams live videos, and was set up primarily for video games. Video games have long been seen on YouTube, and the competitive gaming of Asia is coming over to the USA and Europe, however its quickly become something more, with videos popping up on all types of content. However cross stitch isn’t a competitive sport, and there are a frankly astoundingly small amount of videos on YouTube, so why has this change happened, and why is it getting a backing?

Twitch is a unique site. At first glance you could mistake it for some type of voyeuristic site where pretty women talk to the camera, however in reality its a 50/50 split in gender, and most don’t even show their faces. Instead you just see the screen on the person you’re watching, complete with their audio feed. That’s it. So when cross stitch started to get streamed you have to ask, why bother? There’s no screen sharing, as a streamer you can’t see them, you can’t hear them, they can’t pick the music, they can’t change anything. It’s just a window into the world of one person.

kwarning twitch cross stitcher
KWarning on Twitch cross stitching Eevees

In reality, Twitch has pretty much everything on it. Most notably they accepted streams of people eating (I don’t get it either). However most of these sub-genres have a key element. Almost all of them are solo activities. The games streamed are all single player, the eating never happens in groups. You aren’t so much getting a snapshot into the life of someone, but they are having a one on one conversation with you, personally, whilst also having them with 200 other people. And yes, its really that popular. And that’s the draw.

Cross stitch is very insular, its the type of thing you can watch the TV at the same time, listen to music, chat with friends on instant messenger. So why not add someone else into the picture, doing the same thing you are. You can ask questions about their projects, yours, or go off topic totally. Its a friend you have the other side of the world.

I’ve watched a few streams, I often find my way onto streams of prop making, and I have indeed spent time with cross stitchers, however not once have I felt it was a waste of time. I was able to be part of a group, enjoying my hobby, whilst in the comfort of my own home, stitching away on my project. So I’m all for cross stitchers hanging out together, even if its online.

But there is one thing that makes all this slightly weirder; it wasn’t Twitch’s decision. Sure, they’ve gone with it, even making a group just for stitchers, however one day someone decided to stream themselves stitching, and it went from there. This happened months ago, but despite that the popularity of these videos exceeds most youtube videos on any topic, let alone cross stitch. Evidently there is a need here that cross stitchers themselves have identified.

Next week I ask three prominent twitch cross stitchers, kwarning, MouzlyGamez, ArmoredHearts & EmzOLV (LINKS) from TwitchStitch why they do it, what they get from it, and why they think it’s become so popular. And after that we speak to the mother of Twitch cross stitch; Sirithre.

The Best Pokemon Cross Stitch


My favorite thing to cross stitch is Pokemon, and for good reason. Not only is it one of the best loved franchises out there, but there’s so much to choose to stitch, and so many in-jokes!
And all the sprites are perfect size to stitch (unless you do all of them at once)…

To Be The Very Best Pokemon Tattoo

Pokemon Tattoo Cross Stitch
The best like no one ever was! One day I will get this tattooed on me. You know… somewhere I can hide it so no one over the age of 30 can see it… 😛

Epic Pokemon

epic pokemon cross stitch
Well that was obvious wasn’t it? One of the best Pokemon stitches of all time, has to be the largest one known. Whilst the above picture is great at showing its size, you don’t really get a grasp of it until you see this awesome video below:

Pika Pile

pikachu pile cross stitch
How cute is this!?! All credit to HardcodeEskimoKisses who created the pattern, although the above is stitched by StitchPlease. I especially love balloon Pika’s expression.

Pokemon Home Sweet Home

Pokemon Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch
I just made this pattern available to download for free, however its been recreated by many others in slightly different styles. All Pokemon games start in your home sweet home, and this pattern only goes to glorify that!

Pokemon Badges

pokemon_kanto_badges_cross stitch_by_stitchplease
There’s only one way to be a pokemon master and that’s to collect all the badges. The above set are scaled correctly to the first season, using red/blue sprites.

Pokemon Circle

pokemon circle cross stitch
Another Pokemon stitch worth the epic tag, this circle uses recolored sprites, arranged in a circle, forming all 151 original pokemon, made from an official Pokemon image.

Ketchup Pikachu

pika ketchup cross stitch
I LOVE THIS IMAGE! One of the best scenes from the original pokemon series when they have no food, but Pikachu is hungry. Its also a great weekend project, so you might want to give it a try.

Hardest Decision

day of the tentacle cross stitch
There are many pokemon quotes; such as “are you a boy or girl?”, but this one is basically a meme in a cross stitch.

Pokemon Baubles

Christmas Pokemon Bauble Cross Stitches
These were made as a request over on the SpriteStitch forums, and are pride of place on my xmas tree every year!

3D Handheld Pokedex

3D Pokedex Cross Stitch
I know… another one of mine, but in fairness, everywhere I go on shows, everyone always asks if I’ve got it with me…

8 Bit Earth Invasion Cross Stitch

Title: Invasion Earth
Date Completed: August 2016
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 11
Video Game: Space Invaders, Galaxian, Bosconian, Metroid, Galaga, Xevious
I got this amazing world map aida in 11 count from SuckUK and just knew I needed to plan an Earth invasion. Bringing together enemies of various 8bit space video games this is their horrid plan!

Top 10 Video Game Cross Stitch

Video game cross stitch is my thing (along with geeky cross stitch), however there are a lot of examples of fantastic art out there, so here are my top 10:

1 – Mario Power Ups

mario power ups cross stitch
One of the first ever ‘epic’ video game cross stitch patterns made by psi169 but stitched by many of the years. Its a massive 1.5m by 1m and full of awesome mario goodness.

2 – Legend of Zelda Map

legend of zelda map cross stitch
The epic stitches don’t end there, and as time has gone on Zelda caught up fast with Mario on the trend front. This amazing piece was the first full Legend of Zelda cross stitch map to be completed.

3 – Mario Level

mario level cross stitch
Just look how long this is! Unrestrained from common frame sizes a whole level is stitched in this mario piece. Click to see just how detailed it is. And nice use of a sky blue aida…

4 – Home Sweet Home

home sweet home cross stitch
There are literally hundreds of home sweet home patterns, including the free pokemon home sweet home pattern we gave away, however they have become so synonymous with the cross stitch community, that its inclusion within the video game sub-culture was inevitable.

5 – Pokemon Battle Screenshot

pokemon battle cross stitch
Simple in its outset of a pokemon battle screen, however infinitely more complicated once you realise the small factors such as the high level pikachu is meant to represent Ash’s from the anime. Not only has it been well received by the whole stitching community, but its even sparked spin offs like the Game of Thrones one below.
game of thrones pokemon cross stitch mashup

6 – Retro Trio Sampler

retro trio sampler cross stitch
This piece was made my myself, so I do have a bias, however its the most requested pattern on reddit cross stitch page, so is deserving of a place in the top ten. And even better I’ve made the retro gaming cross stitch pattern a free download!

7 – Chrono Trigger

chrono trigger cross stitch
This is simply stunning. The tone of the colors shows real skill, but its completely engrossing, using one of the most iconic images from the chrono trigger game.

8 – Day Of The Tentacle

day of the tentacle cross stitch
The greatest thing about this competition is the fantastic stance of the tenticle. I know its direct from the game, but they’ve taken a vector image and transfered it to a small pixel image without loosing any of the key details.

9 – Lara Croft

lara croft cross stitch
A regular, quite boring cross stitch completely changed by adding in Lara Croft (a very cross stitch unfriendly character) into the mix. It’s not Becky Schaefer’s only piece, but this was his first in this style, and it really works…

10 – Hakuen Street Fighter

Street Fighter Cross Stitch
HADUKEN! Synonomus within the video game community, and has been attempted many times with its well known code, however the thing that really brings this piece to life is the awesome positioning of the characters and lack of text, but its still obvious what it is. Very well done.

The Best Geeky Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is inherently geeky, however with more and more people releasing their inner geek; we’ve had some epic cross stitches.

Star Trek Sampler

star trek sampler cross stitch
Star Trek has long been in the realm of geeks, but with recent movies its become more and more popular, however its still firmly geeky. This sampler shows everything geeky about the series, with all its cross stitch glory!
This pattern actully came from the Star Trek Cross Stitch book myself and John Lohman put together:
star trek cross stitch book cover

Game Of Thrones Pokemon Mashup

game of thrones pokemon cross stitch
Game of Thrones brought geek to the every day with the awesome books and TV series, however back when it was just into its first series this amazing piece was made. Sure, it doesn’t subscribe to the R+L=J theory, but its great use of a pre-existing Pokemon set makes it geeky in the extreme.

Harry Potter Crests

harry potter crest pillows cross stitch
The Potter books and movies are great, but their attention to detail is what makes them really stand out. The production team even managed to create perfect house crests, which were quickly picked up, pixelised, and cross stitched. However, their HUGE size stopped people in their tracks, but making 4 of the things and then making pillows; there must have been magic involved.

Epic Pokemon

epic pokemon cross stitch
I’ve mentioned Pokemon above, and I use it a lot in my work, but the sheer size of this piece is mind blowing. The pattern was made over on the SpriteStitch forums, it’s been started (and even finished) a dozen times, but the image above was the first, and gives a great idea of its huge 4.5 foot size.

Star Wars Tapestry

Star-Wars-tapestry-cross stitch
Talking huge; hows a 9 foot long cross stitch of the entire original Star Wars trilogy? OK, its not actually a tapestry as its purely cross stitch, but damn its cool.

Glow In The Dark Spiderman

spiderman glow in the dark cross stitch
This Spiderman stitch deserves a place on this list anyway, however with its clever use of glow in the dark thread it really pops.

Portal 2 Lemon Rant

This just makes me itch to play Portal 2 again, one of my all time favorite games EVER.

Doctor Who

doctor who tardis cross stitch
Just looking at this makes me hum the theme tune. Doctor Who, the geekiest of 70s TV, is still loving strong today with awesome stitches like this.

Ohm Sweet Ohm

ohm sweet ohm cross stitch
Home sweet home sampler + pun + electronics + cross stitch = the best geek inspired cross stitch ever!
I mean; this is just so geeky its hilarious. And damn that’s a good pun.

Lord Of The Rings Gateway

lord of the rings door cross stitch
You don’t need to say anything about this. Its just pure amazing. Not only that, but this stitch came out before the movies. Very very impressive.

Adventure Time’s Everything Burrito

adventure time cross stitch
I admit, I’ve watched all of Adventure Time, and I’m still not sure if its a kids program or not… But its my guilty pleasure, the thing I hide from friends… It’s so reminiscent of old school geek is great. And so is the everything burrito…

Space Invader School

No geeky cross stitch list is complete without a smashing of retro gaming, and my Space Invader School cross stitch is a perfect example of that geekiness.


Alien Cross Stitch

alien cross stitch
I don’t like to post rude stitches on this site, but the cult classic Alien has to be on the list. It’s summed up the tone of the film perfectly.

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