Title: Abstergo Poster
Date Completed: September 2011
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Canvas: White
Colors: 4
Video Game: Assassin’s Creed

This was the main part of my swap gift for Sprite Stitch’s Swap 2011. My partner was riotpatch, and one of her favorite games was assassin’s creed. I love the series too but have never got around to stitching anything for it, so thought it would be a brilliant idea to do something related to them. I got playing with some ideas and decided I would try and hide a secret message in the poster (like the games do), so its the assassin’s logo, and in morse code is written “riotpatch”.

To find more contemporary and video game cross stitch, see my gallery, and if you want to have a go yourself you can find patterns and kits on my etsy store!



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  1. rosey175

    This is so awesome I can’t even.

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