Discontinued DMC Variations Threads and their Corresponding Colors in Solids

Sometimes, the discontined DMC ranges really hold some great threads, and the DMC variations range, which was partially disconinuted in 2013, held some great threads. Ever wanted to bring them back? Well as with all of the variations range, they’re made up of seperate block colors. So we’ve broken out each discontinued variations thread with their solid colors, so you can recreate some of the best threads DMC ever made.

DMC Threads Variations Discontinued Breakout 1of2 by Lord Libidan
DMC Threads Variations Discontinued Breakout 1of2 by Lord Libidan

DMC Threads Variations Discontinued Breakout 2of2 by Lord Libidan

If you’re thinking “but the number I want isn’t on the list!”, don’t worry! You’ve probably got one of the current range variation threads, which we’ve also broken out for you!

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  1. Susan B Farmer

    If you wanted to recreate one of these colors, how would you do it? Untwist the plies and recombine?

    1. LordLibidan

      Effectively the variations are made up of 8 stitches of each color, before they change to another color. So simply stitching using that logic will reenact the same feel as a variation thread!

  2. Judy Lipcsak

    Thank you so much for these color breakdowns. I am currently working on a word cloud project and the designer suggested shades of blues and pinks but I wanted to use a more neutral pallet. I went through my stash and settled on 4000 for the central word group and was having difficulty deciding on the other colors.
    Also, most of the discontinued Color Variations are still available on DMC’s website.

  3. Yolanda P Davis

    Can I get these colors of floss that are discontinued? All of them because I don’t have any of these colors.

    1. LordLibidan

      You can still find them second hand, but they are no longer being produced so they can be hard to find.