Journey To A Complete Set Of DMC Floss Threads

“I’ve been stitching now for more than 5 years, and in that time; I’ve amassed more than 230 threads, but is it worth getting the complete set of DMC threads?”

That was a year ago, and now, with the full set of DMC threads, I can finally answer the question. However, as always, it’s not that simple.

Full set of DMC threads
My full set of DMC threads ordered by number

The story starts back when I picked up a small inch square kit from the local hobby store. I had nothing, yet instantly fell out of favor of the standard kits. So I started making my own and buying threads up.

The early years

At first, you buy a thread here. A thread there, and maybe you buy 10 or 20 for a big project. But it never really goes beyond that. You never finish a thread, resorting to reusing the same color next time, even if it isn’t a perfect fit.

Cross stitch is my main hobby

But things start getting better. You start larger and larger pieces, and you’re getting picking about the right colors. Sure, you still make changes to reuse old ones, but you have 5 reds to choose from, so its OK!

But you realize buying 1 or 2 threads isn’t effective. You get batches, and you start having over-spill from your storage boxes…

I’m serious about this now.

So you get new storage. Maybe you get the DMC Thread Storage Box.
But that makes you realize how few you have.

But you just keep getting through those blacks… So you buy a cone or two. And that’s where things hold.

You have so much selection you can always find 1st or 2nd choice threads.


And that’s where I caved. Now, to be clear, I didn’t go out of my way to buy all the threads. I had actually got an offer from a store to buy a kit at a discounted cost.
And I turned it down.

And regretted it instantly.

I made a new pattern and pulled up a list of colors to find I didn’t have any of them, which was rare in itself. I searched my thread book for a good alternative and didn’t have the second choice.
Or third.
Or fourth.

So I finally splurged on a full 447 set, complete with variegated threads for £250.

DMC thread number wraps
So many DMC thread number wraps…

Post purchase

Whilst initially I started using a few new threads, I quickly found another problem. Over-spill. I had worked with 230 threads for the better part of 3 years, and when I brought my new set, I also got those 230.
So I had to work through all 230 threads first.

It took 9 months, and a load of stitching, but I got through it all. Now, I can use any color. Now I have so much choice every piece uses a new thread just for the hell of it.

And you know what? I finally have a choice when it comes to skin color. Skin tone threads! Ahhhh!

Is it worth it?

Yes. Oh, my word yes.

Even though it doesn’t seem it at first, a complete set means you can always pick the right color. Hold it up to your screen to check its perfect, or put multiple threads next to each other and pick the best.
And it really shows in your work…

You can pick up a set yourself on at
I don’t have that illusive Limited Edition Golden Skein though…

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This Post Has 13 Comments

  1. Wendy

    Thank you for the free download and the easy to use website 🙂

  2. Campbell

    Thank you for a wonderful web site and for all your downloads of DMC thread charts.

  3. Deb

    I live in the States and have wrapped my floss on bobbins for 30+ years. Never had a problem.

  4. Marina Michaels

    In the United States, there’s a craft store named Michaels. Every few months, they have a 40% off sale for online purchases only (buy online and have shipped to you, or buy online and pick up in store–the latter is the only option for floss). I’ve taken advantage of their sale twice this year to get more floss; the discount makes each skein US$0.34 (34 cents).

    We don’t wrap our floss on bobbin cards–I believe that stretches the thread a tiny bit, plus it’s extra work–so we keep the floss organized by number in small plastic cases. We’re outgrowing the cases, though, so now I’m looking for a better, more scalable solution. My library-style cabinet would be great, but I was thinking of using that for all my essential oils.

    Do you or any of your readers know of a nice, reasonably priced wooden storage unit with lots of small drawers?

    1. Holly

      Look in hardware stores for tool storage bins. I have a pair of small parts organizers that are nothing but small drawers just right for thread on bobbins. I just completed my full set of DMC regular colors and it all fits with room to spare. Each drawer can hold 10 full bobbins.