I Believe In Mew Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

I Believe In Mew Cross Stitch
Title: I Believe In Mew
Date Completed: January 2017
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 16
Canvas: Pewter
Colours: 6
Video Game: Pokemon
Back to the Pokemon Cross Stitch! I found this image on pinterest, and despite my best efforts I just can’t find the original, so shout out to the original artist whoever you may be!
I’ve been meaning to get back into stitching tattoo inspired cross stitches, such as the portal tattoo and Pokemon tattoo stitches people rave about. Not only are they a great project to stitch as they take so much time, but the pattern design phase is fantastic. In this tattoo I redesigned most of it to suit my own needs, and to make it more obviously Pokemon.

I Beleive In Mew Tshirt Design (source: Google Images)
I Beleive In Mew Tshirt Design (source: Google Images)

It also has some sweet Kreinik threads around Mew to make him look even more special. Its based off the old myth of Pokemon Blue and Red that there was a hidden Mew under the truck by SS Anne. Actually, mew has been hidden in my cross stitch before; most people don’t realise mew is on the walls on my 3D Pokemon cave cross stitch.

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