Free Epic Pokemon Generations Cross Stitch Patterns

Epic Pokemon Generation Cross Stitch Patterns
Epic Pokemon Generation Cross Stitch Patterns

Some of the most requested Pokemon patterns out there, and seen as some of the most epic; are Servotron’s epic Pokemon cross stitch patterns.
We’ve compiled all 5 of Servotron’s patterns and an additional 6 and 7th generations by Shadow_Nova, showing the first 7 generations of Pokemon in the generation 5 Pokemon sprites. Each pattern is the same size, and uses the same 105 master colors.
Stitch Count: 256w x 450h
Finished Size: 18.3″ x 32.1″ or 46.4cm x 81.6cm (14ct)
Number of colors: 105 (generation 1), 101 (generation 2), 105 (generation 3), 103 (generation 4), 101 (generation 5), 102 (generation 6) & 103 (generation 7) DMC

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Generation 1 (Red/Blue/Yellow)

Download Gen 1 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 1 B&W pattern
Download Gen 1 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 2 (Gold/Silver/Crystal)

Download Gen 2 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 2 B&W pattern
Download Gen 2 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 3 (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)

Download Gen 3 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 3 B&W pattern
Download Gen 3 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 4 (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)

Download Gen 4 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 4 B&W pattern
Download Gen 4 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 5 (Black/White/Black 2/White 2)

Download Gen 5 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 5 B&W pattern
Download Gen 5 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 6 (X/Y)

Download Gen 6 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 6 B&W pattern
Download Gen 6 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 7 (Sun/Moon)

Download Gen 7 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 7 B&W pattern
Download Gen 7 COLOR EXTENDED pattern


Generation 8 (Sword/Shield)

Download Gen 8 COLOR pattern
Download Gen 8 B&W pattern
Download Gen 8 COLOR EXTENDED pattern
Download Gen 8 Gigantamax COLOR pattern
Download Gen 8 Gigantamax B&W pattern
Download Gen 8 Gigantamax COLOR EXTENDED pattern

Thank you to Servotron and Shadow_Nova for making these patterns with the help of the SpriteStitch community and all the members of the Poke Community and Smogon forums for their excellent sprites.

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If you want to see how they look completed, we have a whole gallery you can view!
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  1. Jana

    Hello, I was just about to stitch the gen one when I spotted the mistake in sizing. On the pattern it mentions that the Finished size is 72*127cm with 18ct – this is incorrect, on the page is says 46.4cm x 81.6cm (14ct) – I think the aida sizes might have been swapped?

    1. LordLibidan

      Yes, sadly you’re correct. The program couldn’t cope with the size and complexity of the pattern and bigs started happening! Sadly we’ve also not been able to fix it 🙁

  2. David

    Great looking patterns! What’s the difference with the extended pattern?

    1. LordLibidan

      The ‘normal’ patterns are basically filled full of Pokemon, but that means the Pokemon on the edges get cut slightly.
      The extended versions add an extra 2 inches on the edges that allow for the edge Pokemon to be full, and not cut off. It does add a large blue area around the edge though.
      You can see the differences between the two on our page of completed epic pokemon patterns.

  3. Josh Levy

    Wow! So happy to see gens 7 and 8 on here, I love gen 7 so I’m definitely going to take a stab at it one day. Was the gen 6 pattern updated recently? I could have sworn the last time I was here there were huge gaps between the Pokemon haha.

  4. Rachel

    Hi there. First off i want to say these designs are incredible. I was blown away and really wanna try it.

    My question is i was going through the colours and one of them isn’t really clear i was wondering if you could clarify it.

    It is in the first gen pattern and its the one in the column between the 523 and 3340. I can make out 3268 or 37726 but neither of those work so im confused.

    I would appreciate the help immensely!

  5. Nicole

    the first gen says its on 18 count. all the rest say 14 count. Is that correct or should it be 14 count? Also it’s been awhile since I cross stitched, will swapping to a 14 count change the size of fabric I need?

    1. LordLibidan

      You can stitch them in any count you wish.
      Changing the size from 18 count to 14 count will make the over all piece larger though, so you will need more fabric.

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