Free Pokemon Cross Stitch Pattern

Oh, the Pokemon goodness!
This free epic pokemon cross stitch pattern has been created using generation 2 sprites, but it only contains the original 151 Pokemon. It was actually made by the Pokemon company too.

free epic pokemon cross stitch pattern

Stitch Count: 414w x 394h
Finished Size: 30″ x 28″ or 75cm x 71cm (14ct)
Number of colors: 94 (DMC)

Pokemon Circle Cross Stitch
Pokemon Cross Stitch by 42kayla (source:

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  1. Tanja Sørensen

    I (mostly) love this pattern! Have a few issues with the colours. My Jigglypuff is just a big blob of orange What I would REALLY love is if you could do this is a shiny Pokémon version

    1. LordLibidan

      Sadly, due to the limitations of DMC colors, some pokemon look a little odd close-up. However, when all the other Pokemon are in there, they’ll all look a lot better (I promise!)
      We’ve had a lot of requests for a shiny version lately actually, we might have to make one!

      1. Tanja Sørensen

        That would be absolutely amazing!
        I am SO ready!

  2. Jamie

    Has anyone done this on 28 CT fabric? What is the finished size on that?

    1. LordLibidan

      I don’t know anyone that’s done it on 28 count!
      The size would depend on if you did 1 over 1 or 2 over 2.
      1 over 1 is 14.8″ by 14.1″.
      2 over 2 is 7.4″ by 7.1″.

    2. Piper

      Hi Jamie, did you try this on 28 count in the end? I’m thinking stitching it on 14 count would mean the finished piece would be quite large but I’m worried about losing too much detail by using a higher count fabric.

      If you did try this would you let us know about the clarity of detail on the higher count fabric please? Many thanks.

  3. MM

    I would like to ask how to differentiate #739 and 3078 because it has the same square symbol for the black and white pattern.

  4. Berkay

    Hi, finished size here 75cm x 71cm and in PDF 150cm x 142cm which one is right size ?

    1. LordLibidan

      Hey, the finished size on 14 count fabric is 30″ x 28″ or 75cm x 71cm.
      There is an error in the pdf.

      1. Berkay

        Thank you mu Lord.

      2. Nurae

        Thank god, I just started it and thought I’d have to redo the whole thing already