Rocket Cross Stitch Pattern Spotlight

With commercial space flight now a reality, with Virgin Galactic, apparently taking everyday citizen’s into space this year, there is a lot going on in space. Obviously that means there are loads going on with space cross stitch patterns, so to narrow things down a little, today, we’re talking about cross stitch patterns that focus on rockets and space shuttles.

Space Rocket Cross Stitch Pattern by PRINTandDECOR

Space Rocket Cross Stitch Pattern by PRINTandDECOR (Source: Etsy)
Space Rocket Cross Stitch Pattern by PRINTandDECOR (Source: Etsy)

As the spotlight was narrowed down in choice, we got a late contender in the form of PRINTandDECOR’s space shuttle pattern. Initially, this looked fairly simple, but as you look further, you can see just how complicated and interesting this pattern is. With the solar system diagram in the back, with actual planets superimposed on top, the super-stylized Mars the shuttle is taking off from and the sashiko cloud-like smoke coming out of the engines shows that this designer really knows what they’re doing.
Most cross stitch patterns are as simple as you can see, but by making objects progressively smaller, and making the solar system diagram almost hidden in the deep background, this pattern is truly a special kind of clever.
This pattern was found on Etsy.

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