6 Epic Glow-In-The-Dark Geeky Cross Stitches

Last month we featured a post about glow-in-the-dark cross stitch’s staying power, and we concluded that whilst its got history, and a big backing, not many people are picking it up outside of Halloween. So today I have 6 of the most epic geeky glow-in-the-dark cross stitches to bring you some inspiration!

First up we have a massive secret passion of mine; Journey. Not only has the stitcher, Kay, made the scarf glow in the dark (as it does in the game), but the background has some of Journey’s iconic runes.

Glow in the dark Journey Cross Stitch by Kay (source: google images)

And then we have the master of the night himself, Batman with a clever hidden nighttime message.

Batman Glow-in-the-dark Cross Stitch by Alicia Dennett (source: spritestitch.com)

Whilst doing this post I reached out to many of my cross stitching friends to see what they thought were some of the best pieces, and I was shocked to hear that one of my own pieces, an Assassins Creed glow in the dark cross stitch was one they picked.

Assassins Creed Abstergo Cross Stitch Poster by Lord Libidan – Glow In The Dark

Boo! This clever Pacman inspired piece completely hides the ghost until the lights go out. Not only is this hidden message super cute, but it uses many of the design principles for cross stitch patterns we mentioned last week.

Boo Pacman glow-in-the-dark Cross Stitch (source: twitter)

Nothing excites me more than a clever use of geeky pop culture references, and so a light spell from Harry Potter immortalized in glow in the dark cross stitch? A clear winner, that we even featured as part of our Harry Potter cross stitch roundup.

Harry Potter Lumos glow-in-the-dark Cross Stitch by craftythingsbylaura (source: twitter)

Finally, we have some works by StitchFight, who I’ve not only exhibited with but been inspired to make a space invader cross stitch too.
A keen glow in the dark cross stitcher, he’s probably best known for his Kick-Ass cross stitch, however I just love his superhero series.

Spiderman Glow In The Dark Cross Stitch by stitchFIGHT (source: mrxstitch.com)

Spiderman Glow In The Dark Cross Stitch by stitchFIGHT (source: mrxstitch.com)

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  1. George

    Was hoping you could point me to the Journey cross stitch? Wanted to get this pattern and several google searches and reverse image searches did not come up with anything.

    1. LordLibidan

      I’m afraid I don’t know where it comes from. We originally got it from Pinterest back in 2017, however, even then the link to the original was broken. In 2018 we were contacted by “Kay” who said it was hers, so we attributed it to her. Sadly, she never responded to our email or our future emails.