3D Transforming Optimus Prime Cross Stitch

Optimus 1
Title: 3D Transforming Optimus Prime
Date Completed: August 2010
Design: Lord Libidan/Paper Robots 1999
Count: 14
Canvas: Plastic
Colours: 6
Show: Transformers

After fiddling around with plastic canvas, I wanted to do something a little different, and to push boundaries a little. I always loved fiddling with my brothers generation 1 transformer toys and it started from there. Its based on the original toy series, so transforms into a Peterbilt style semi-tractor.
It uses wire (paper clips) to move the joints.
This is my best piece in my mind so far, and have started making a second transformer Jetfire, and have plans for Soundwave and Starscream which can be found on my etsy.
Its now been featured on:
Mr X Stitch: Link
Reddit: Link
And won Penny Nickels Contest: Link
If you look out for Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine, I will be published in their March issue!

You can buy this pattern on my Etsy shop and many other transformers, so go have a look! LINK

Optimus 2

5 thoughts on “3D Transforming Optimus Prime Cross Stitch

  1. Hi from Kelowna,BC Canada,I just pick up my June’s issue and I was in WOW when I saw your transformer,that sure brought memories back when I use to buy these toys for my sons back then their ages are now 26,24,16 yrs old and now I have grandsons that are playing with them now,lol. Now I have 1 grandson his favorite transformer is the bumblebee the yellow an black one,can you tell me if you have the cross stitch pattern for that one if you do that would be great, so I can make it for him,and give it to as a christmas gift … when I was going through your gallery I was amazed because in my garage I have some of those up right video games, and much more like Donkey Kong, Space inventors, Baby Pac Man, Centapeed, I can go on but when you own a arcade you get to play these games. Lol.
    Well I just wanted to say I love your x-stitching work please keep it up I hope I get to see more of it .. Thanks for the good memories…. Doreen

    1. I’m afraid I don’t have a Bumblebee. i’m currently doing a lot of requests for other transformers, but I’m afraid Bumblebee is fairly low down. Sorry.

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