Canabalt Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

Canabalt Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan
Canabalt Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

Title: Canabalt
Date Completed: October 2010
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Canvas: Pewter
Colors: 5
Video Game: Canabalt
Up to this point, I had been cross stitching whilst at secondary school. It was a great way to spend a few hours whilst pretending to be doing homework. But in 2010, I went to Uni, and suddenly I had a lot more time on my hands. To get rid of the hours of lectures I often played on my phone, specifically Canabalt. Now, back in 2010 it was old news, so I was late to the game, but with the visuals being really in line with my retro futuristic cross stitch I fell in love.
I snapped a few screenshots and then combined them together to make a mashup, and then went about making a pattern. What I hadn’t quite thought about, was the sheer size. My largest cross stitch at the time, A3 size, it wouldn’t be too much trouble, had it been a little more detailed, but it was just 5 colors of grey. On grey aida. Needless to say, I was rather happy once I had finished this stitch, just to be done with all the grey.
However, this wasn’t the last time I chose to do things in grey/black and white. In fact, shortly after I completed my Pokemon boy/girl cross stitch. This in turn probably led to me making my lightsaver blueprint embroidery.

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  1. Junkyard Sam

    This game is classic – I love it on my iPhone, and your stitch is AMAZING. I wish I could see that in real life.