DMC Thread Inventory Spreadsheet – Updated

Everyone loves a good collection of threads, but unless you have the whole set of DMC threads you’re going to need a way to keep track of what you have, and haven’t got. That’s why we created this awesome colored spreadsheet of all standard, metallic, variations, variegated, Coloris and Étoile 6 strand DMC threads, so you can keep track.
Just click the link or image and save the spreadsheet. You can access it on your computer, phone, or put it through googledocs!

DMC thread spreadsheet free download by Lord Libidan
DMC thread inventory sheet free download by Lord Libidan

If the above link didn’t work, you may have to use this link: DMC Thread Inventory Spreadsheet direct download

Looking for a PDF download?

We have you covered.
Direct download link
A full excel spreadsheet tracker for DMC 6 strand threads! Includes all 500 “standard” threads, including new threads.
Also now includes metallics, variations, Coloris, Etoile, and discontinued threads!
► What’s Included ◄
All DMC Threads:
 – All 500 6 strand standard threads
 – All current & discontinued metallic threads
 – All current & discontinued variations threads
 – All current & discontinued variegated threads
 – All Coloris threads
 – All Étoile threads
 – All Satin (Silk) threads
Additional Tools:
 – Ordered in number order and color group for your preferred way
 – Search function so you don’t have to look at the list!
 – Includes a high-definition scan of the official thread DMC color card
 – Skin & Hair color charts
 – Availability checker (so you know if you need to buy threads)
 – Floss use estimator
 – Fabric dimensions calculator
 – Thread conversion chart across 9 main thread brands
One sheet is ordered by number, and another is by the official DMC color group.
To make finding those threads easier than ever we have a search function in both sheets!
Opens in excel or google sheets. Also opens on Android!
This spreadsheet has not been optimized for printing.
► Terms of Use ◄
This tool is copyrighted by Lord Libidan and is intended for personal use only. The sheet may not be resold, reproduced, edited, used for derivative works, or distributed by electronic means or profit from it in anyway.
Updated August 2022

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  1. Yessenia

    Thanks, Thanks….good job.

  2. Jez’Reel

    This is exquisite, thank you! I have reached the point where I need to know without having to pull out every bobbin and project bag so I am hoping so time spent adding data will help me! Thank you again!

  3. Faith

    Thank you for the list. I appreciate all the lists and will now easily update my lists!

  4. Sonia B.-Inkster

    I’m grateful for the chart, but still need a few that may be listed, but not under the same name. Is there a comparison chart (former names, current names, and their associated number)?

    1. LordLibidan

      Hey! I’m afraid DMC has never officially announced names, so there isn’t anything like that, and I would strongly suggest using the codes only for checking off the list.
      Sorry I couldn’t help more!

  5. WitchStitchRachel

    Thank you so much for this! Did you notice that the DMC website now has 721 listed as Papaya instead of Medium Orange Spice along with some other name changes and possible color changes?

    1. LordLibidan

      They appear to have renamed EVERY thread. I’m speaking to the local representative about it. There appears to be some confusion over if these are now official names or not!