Do guys cross stitch?

YES! We do. In fact, there are a lot more men stitching than you realise!

We’ve shown off works by some of the greatest male cross stitchers out there, and whilst a lot of the traditional style and modern cross stitch doesn’t particularly appeal to men, a lot of custom patterns are being made by men. Its because of this that about 50% of the things we post are by men, including killer pieces like the fantastic Star Wars Tapestry that was even posted in a national newspaper.

However that isn’t the first and only time male cross stitchers have hit the news. In 2015 the BBC news recorded a tweet-by-tweet running news post on election night when Tom Katsumi decided to stitch the general election results live. And even this massively English passive aggressive credit card cross stitch when a a man just didn’t get his new card in a timely manner covered by the BBC.

Santander Cross Stitch by Keithstitch (source:
Santander Cross Stitch by Keithstitch (source:

However, despite this, many male stitchers still fly under the radar and go unnoticed by the public. But you know what, I’d much prefer to sit down in the evening with a cross stitch and a brew than off to the pub to watch a “game”. And others feel the same. MrXStitch even has regular posts on male cross stitchers, which in my opinion is some of the best stuff on the site.

There’s actually a lot of information out there devoted to male cross stitch, including a killer post on Cross Stitch for Men by Stitchtastic, and this video by Peacock & Fig below:

She also goes into more detail on her manbroidery blog!

If you want to know more about male embroiderers, have you checked out our post about The Rise Of The Manbroiderer?

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  1. Shooxjat

    I actually go to the pub and stitch while watching the game. Why not?