Fire n Ice/Solomon’s Key Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

Fire n Ice
Title: Fire n Ice/Solomon’s Key
Date Completed: March 2010
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Canvas: Black
Colours: 4
Video Game: Fire N Ice
After finding SpriteStitch, a place to show off my geeky cross stitch, which I later made a SpriteStitch banner cross stitch for, I started in ernest creating cross stitch patterns. The first idea I had was to make a simple screenshot. But then I realised how huge that would be.
But undeterred I kept playing on emulators, until I found this game. It was called Fire n Ice as it as an American rom, but for us European’s its called Soloman’s Key 2, originally for the SNES. I fell in love straight away. Its premise for a game is simple; you melt ice away to solve a puzzle. I wanted to stitch something up that was a simple to this premise as possible, and finally picked a pyramid design to fit into a standard photo frame.
When I finished it, I put it in a frame, and stuck it up on the wall. Its since had a few places to live, but it always stayed in its frame. This, thanks to the sun, caused some problems though, as I never washed my cross stitch back then. I’ve since learnt my lesson, but its still in its frame, on my window sill.

Brown Spots on Cross Stitch
Brown Spots on Cross Stitch

I had actually hoped to create some more Fire n Ice patterns, but as time went on, I found larger and larger projects, and never went back.

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