Futurama Planet Express Ship Blueprint Embroidery by Lord Libidan

Futurama Old Bessie Blueprint Embroidery By Lord Libidan
Futurama Old Bessie Blueprint Embroidery By Lord Libidan

Title: Old Bessie Futurama Blueprint
Date Completed: April 2020
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Canvas: Green
Colors: 2
Pop Culture: Futurama
When it comes to blueprints, I’m sold. I’ve made a light saber blueprint cross stitch, a fifth element gun blueprint cross stitch and loads of others. So when I started watching Futurama again (the best cartoon ever by the way) I started getting itchy to do a cross stitch. Then, when watching an episode where the ship gets dismantled (screenshot below), I knew I had to do a blueprint of the ship.
Futurama Dismantled Ship (Source: theinfosphere.org)
Futurama Dismantled Ship (Source: theinfosphere.org)

The thing that makes it so perfect is that the ship is constantly changing, you see in almost every room, yet there aren’t any plans. Others have put things together in the past, but I wanted to do my own take. In my previous blueprints, I had only shown the inside or the outside, but with the ship, I really wanted to combine the two, so I have a cutaway style blueprint.
In my research I found a great poster by Volpin Props, and whilst the image was rather small (the quality below is the best I could find), I based my blueprint on it. I also threw in loads of little details the Volpin Props one didn’t have, things that you only pick up on if you’re a Futurama fan, much like the Star Trek Voyager Blueprint cross stitch did. What makes this even better is that much like Volpin props I’ve hidden most of these details away in a Futurama language you need to translate.
Planet Express Blueprint by Volpin Props (Source: volpinprops.com)
Planet Express Blueprint by Volpin Props (Source: volpinprops.com)

This wasn’t as easy as I had planned, however. Much like my Matrix code cross stitch I needed to recreate a whole language in tiny form. The original alien language that Volpin props used was way too hard to convert, so I changed it for the newer alien language Futurama uses (which is much more complicated to translate).

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  1. Marissa M.

    I too would LOVE to buy this pattern!!!

  2. Josefin

    Oh, this is great! Will you sell the pattern in the future? Have a brother who loves Futurama, so it would be a great present for him!