Half Life Gravity Gun Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan
Half Life Gravity Gun Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

Title: Half Life Gravity Gun
Date Completed: November 2018
Design: Lord Libidan & Petrick Animation
Count: 18
Canvas: Stone
Colors: 10
Video Game: Half Life 2
After finishing my most recent Portal Gun cross stitch I knew I had to do another. I decided that the two most well-known guns out there had to be the Portal gun and the Half Life 2 gravity gun.
The Portal gun patter wasn’t solely my own, so for the gravity gun I needed to copy the style and sizing of the Portal gun, so working from prop images I recreated the gravity gun. I also decided to change the background slightly. With the Portal gun, the background was grey, however as I wanted to stitch it on 18 count I had to use a slightly bluey grey. This didn’t impact the design much as the background for most of the Portal games is grey, and the blue from the light tube worked with the background. However for the gravity gun, I thought I would do the same, but on purpose, so I decided to use a slightly orangy ‘stone’ aida instead.
Half Life 2 Gravity Gun Screenshot (source: mobygames.com)
Half Life 2 Gravity Gun Screenshot (source: mobygames.com)



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  1. Nick

    It looks great! Do you have the pattern for this (just for personal use) free or for sale?


    1. LordLibidan

      I’m afraid we’re not able to give this pattern away due to licensing.

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