Portal Gun Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

Portal Gun Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan
Portal Gun Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

Title: Portal 2 Gun
Date Completed: November 2018
Design: Lord Libidan & AngryBetta
Count: 18
Canvas: Pearl Grey
Colors: 12
Video Game: Portal & Portal 2
Sometimes, patterns take AGES to make, and for my Star Trek Voyager LCARS cross stitch that was definitely the case. However thanks to a lot of it being backstitch I rocketed through the pattern, meaning I didn’t really have anything to move onto next. This was far from something that happened before, in fact, I’ve written a post on how to get over a creative cross stitch block, and one of my favorite ways; lookup portal stuff.
I know that seems weird, but the portal community has a massive breadth of fan art styles, and normally this means I’ve picked up an idea or two, however this time I came across a portal gun cross stitch by AngryBetta on reddit and knew I had to stitch it too. However, I also knew that stitching someone else’s pattern was a departure for me, and thanks to my recent Harry Potter Golden Snitch cross stitch taking a lot of time, I had some time, so I took inspiration from Portal 2 itself and decided to add a GLADOS potato to the arm of the portal gun.
Portal 2 screenshot (source: mobygames.com)
Portal 2 screenshot (source: mobygames.com)

There are also a few small adjustments on the original to make it look slightly closer to the real Portal gun.

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  1. craftingwithmomma

    Great job! My hubby and I both love the portal games. We even use to play the glaDos song or sing it for our son when he was a baby.