PSA: How To Store Cross Stitch Needle Tubes

We talk about storage a lot, however when it comes to cross stitch needle storage we like to get serious. We’ve gone over storage at length, but in short, we’re strong advocates of one method of storage in particular; needle tubes.

Needle storage tubes (source:
Needle storage tubes (source:

These things are great, not only do they allow you to store your needles away from the air (that’ll rust or oxidize them), but you can separate them by size or type with ease. However, I received a lot of comments from readers about where to store the tubes. After all, having tubes hanging around is a pain in itself, especially if they chose the glass tubes from makers like Tulip. However recently I saw a post by NeedleNThread about storing needles tubes and its life-changing! Well, OK, maybe it’s cross stitch needle thread changing…
Tulip Sashiko Needles come in a glass vial (source:
Tulip Needles come in a glass vial (source:

Her idea was simple; find a box that fits them. Simple in theory, but hard in practice. That was until she let us in on a little secret; cotton bud boxes. Depending on the style of box you get, these might be in a case similar to the below, or a tub style, however, cotton buds are almost exactly the same size as needle tubes, so you can simply drop them in the box and keep them nice and organized.
Needle Tubes In Cotton Bud Box (Source: needlenthread)
Needle Tubes In Cotton Bud Box (Source: needlenthread)

Got any other life-saving cross stitch organization tips? We’re kind of obsessed, so send them our way!
Happy stitching!
Lord Libidan

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  1. Christine

    Just collated my needles from disparate locations in my stitching cupboard using this recommendation. Brilliant, thank you! xxx