Marvel Cross Stitch Pattern Spotlight

With an overwhelming amount of cross stitch patterns on an ever-increasing list of websites, we’ve decided to help the cross stitch community out by searching the web to find you an awesome pattern from one category a week. These cross stitch patterns will be picked based on their style, creativity and most importantly; their quality. In fact, we’ll only post patterns that we’ve seen stitched examples, seen the pattern, and we know they’re free of copyright.
The best news? These posts are in addition to the once a week post we usually post.
This week we’ve decided to start with Marvel. Afterall, the new Marvel movie comes out tomorrow; its an end of an era and the start of a new, so it’s about time we looked back at those superheroes who made cinematic history.

Marvel Thanos Gauntlet Cross Stitch Pattern by xstitch4love

Marvel Thanos Gauntlet Cross Stitch Pattern by xstitch4love (Source: Etsy)
Marvel Thanos Gauntlet Cross Stitch Pattern by xstitch4love (Source: Etsy)

When it comes to Marvel, there are so many patterns out there; thanks to the sheer volume of films, that it’s hard to make a choice. However, when we saw xstitch4love’s gauntlet design we knew we had to feature it. The gauntlet is simply put; THE symbol of the Marvel movie universe so far.
Featuring every main character from the previous films in black and white with the bright stones standing proud really makes you realize just how poignant the recent movie will be, how far we’ve come, and what will become of the Marvel universe in the future!
This pattern was found on Etsy.

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