Space Invader School
Title: Space Invader School
Date Completed: April 2010
Design: Neil Grefory/Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Colors: 8
Video Game: Space Invaders
After the success of my first self made cross stitch pattern, The Original Ghostbuster Pacman cross stitch, I felt a little more devoted to doing something big.
I once again took inspiration from a T-shirt I found on threadless called “A Simple Plan” which was one of their best sellers at the time. However, it always bugged me that the sprites weren’t correct. This was thanks to copyright, but I wasn’t going to sell the pattern, I didn’t have that issue, so I changed the sprites to be correct, changed the colors slightly (the first time I’d done that too), and started making the pattern.
One thing that many people don’t know about cross stitch is that you’re fixed to a grid of a set size. As a result making the space invaders look like they got smaller, without actually getting smaller, was a challenge, but with some careful placement, I think I solved that quite well.
You can now download the pattern for free too, so why not stitch it up yourself?



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