Tea Cross Stitch Pattern Spotlight

This week’s pattern spotlight has been seen on the site before. In fact, we used it as an example of a great cross stitch pattern on our how to make sure you buy a quality cross stitch pattern post.

Octopus Tea Cross Stitch Pattern by LoLaLottaShop

Octopus Tea Cross Stitch Pattern by LoLaLottaShop (Source: Etsy)
Octopus Tea Cross Stitch Pattern by LoLaLottaShop (Source: Etsy)

An octopus with a space pattern jumping out of a teacup may not be the first thing you think of when you think about a cross stitch pattern relating to tea, but we’d argue that this pattern is exactly like a cup of tea. When looking at tea patterns we found a whole slew of cups, kettles, tea bags and other tea-related items, but that’s exactly what they were; just items. This pattern, sold by LoLaLottaShop but designed by Vik Dollin shows what it’s like sipping a cup of tea. The complex flavor battling together is like the wild space design, whilst its warm, calming, hugs from many hands feeling is like an octopus giving you a hug. This pattern is a fantastic example of what drinking tea really is.
It helps that it’s totally unique too; how many other octopus/space/tea hybrid cross stitch patterns are there?
Finally, it should be noted that we included this pattern on a list of how to find great cross stitch patterns online. It was such a good pattern, that we featured it. If that’s not a show of admiration, I don’t know what is.
This pattern was found on Etsy.



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