The Best Animated Cross Stitch

For my most recent project, I made an animated cross stitch, specifically an animated Pikachu cross stitch. The idea for it came from the Xstitch Mag which featured a zoetrope by Tom Katsumi. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and new I had to give it a go, but with a geeky twist. However, that was far from the first animated cross stitch I’ve seen, so I decided to round up some of the best the web has to offer!

Tom Katsumi’s Sewtrope Cross Stitch

Of course, I have to start with Tom Katsumi’s space cat, which is actually a cleverly made zoetrope using 12 different images to make a moving picture. Not only is this a fantastic example of animation but the cross stitch goodness was a massive inspiration.

The Wild Stitch’s Stitchy Cat Cross Stitch

Stitchy Cat Cross Stitch by The Wild Stitch (Source:
Stitchy Cat Cross Stitch by The Wild Stitch (Source:

However, I think I may know where Tom got his own inspiration, as back in 2015 The Wild Stitch created an earily similar, and just as trippy, animated cross stitch cat.

Lord Libidan’s Running Pickahu

Animated Pokemon Pikachu Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan
Animated Pokemon Pikachu Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

OK, this is mine, but in fairness, this list was put together by someone else, so I think that’s OK.

RuPaul Cross Stitch Animation Workshop

RuPaul Cross Stitch Animation Workshop (Source:
RuPaul Cross Stitch Animation Workshop (Source:

The RuPaul cross stitch animation workshop is probably the best known animated cross stitch out there, as not only was it created with 35 cross stitchers, but also asked for creative coloring of RuPaul\s face. Originally planned by Aubrey Longley-Cook, who has created a whole slew of animated cross stitch himself, this piece was everywhere on the web back in early 2013.

Jennifer Norm’s Dance Dance Revolution

Jennifer Norm isn’t a name you hear in cross stitch a lot, and frankly, finding her work is hard at best, but one video she created back in 2011 is the earliest example of animated cross stitch I can find anywhere. Unlike the others on our list is actually a combination of cross stitch and some very clever photoshop work, but it grabs the essence of Dance Dance Revolution perfectly.

Thereminista’s Duck Hunt

The first 100% stitched animated cross stitch I could find, however, was back in 2012 with this awesome Duck Hunt by thereminista, who we sadly haven’t heard of since. A shame too, as this was an idea that has inspired so many…

So many, including music video producers. Specifically, animators Jonathan Chong and Clem Stamation who made a whole music video in the cross stitch style, all be it digitally, for the band Husky’s single Ghost.

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