3D Transforming Soundwave Cross Stitch

Title: 3D Transforming Soundwave
Date Completed: March 2012
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Canvas: Plastic
Colours: 6
Show: Transformers
After doing my optimus prime transformer and jetfire transformer, people started to notice me. I had a few requests for other patterns, in the majority was this one, sound wave.
The previous tapes I made fit into his cassette deck, and there are a few more coming. I also wanted to have a little more fun with this one, and try to make it as best I could on the first try, so it also has two batteries in his back which convert to a cannon on his shoulder and a gun on his arm.
I am also planning on making a starscream, and might try my hand at megaton, although he is going to be EXTREMELY hard to do…
You can buy this pattern, and my other transformers on my Etsy shop, so go have a look!

Fan made transformers:

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