Title: 3D Transforming Soundwave
Date Completed: March 2012
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Canvas: Plastic
Colors: 6
Show: Transformers
After doing my optimus prime transformer cross stitch and jetfire transformer cross stitch, people started to notice me. I was in a few magazines and people were visiting my site. This came with a few requests for other patterns, and the majority of them were for a new transformer; Soundwave.
I created a rough pattern but came across an issue; the tapes. Soundwave has a series of transformers that fit into the cassette deck on his chest, however, due to the scale I’d used in the previous transformers the size of the tapes was tiny! Thankfully I was able to work them out and created two awesome transforming cross stitch tapes; ratbat and laserbeak.
Once I worked that out, I felt a little more relaxed so I tried to make it have a few special accessories; two batteries that fit into his back that convert to a cannon on his shoulder and a gun on his arm.
I am also planning on making a Starscream, and might try my hand at megaton, although he is going to be EXTREMELY hard to do…
You can buy this pattern, and my other transformers on my Etsy shop, so go have a look!

Fan made transformers:



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  1. helen

    very very cool! have you considered an astro train? that would be very cool too!

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