3D Transforming Tapes – Ratbat & Laserbeak Cross Stitches by Lord Libidan

Title: 3D Transforming Tapes – Ratbat & Laserbeak
Date Completed: November & December 2011
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Canvas: Plastic
Colours: 5
Show: Transformers
With a transforming Optimus Prime cross stitch under my belt, and a Jetfire cross stitch too, my next big challenge was Soundwave. Unlike the other two however Soundwave created his own list of problems; but there was one big one. The tapes.
To anyone unaware, Soundwave has a series of smaller transformers that fit into the cassette deck on his body. Making tapes shouldn’t be too hard, however in order to keep Soundwave in scale to the others, it gave me very small tapes indeed. Before I could attempt the robot, I had to tackle the tapes first. So I picked Ratbat and Laserbeak.
I also intend to make the rest of his tapes; Buzzsaw, Rumble & Frenzy.

It turned out these worked perfectly! I was then able to create the 3D transforming cross stitch Soundwave, and these tapes fit perfectly.

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