Everyone loves a good collection of threads, but unless you have the whole set of DMC threads you’re going to need a way to keep track of what you have, and haven’t got. That’s why we created this awesome colored spreadsheet of all standard, metallic, variations, variegated, Coloris and Étoile 6 strand DMC threads, so you can keep track.
Just click the link or image and save the spreadsheet. You can access it on your computer, phone, or put it through googledocs!

DMC thread spreadsheet free download by Lord Libidan
DMC thread inventory sheet free download by Lord Libidan

If the above link didn’t work, you may have to use this link: DMC Thread Inventory Spreadsheet direct download

Looking for a PDF download?

We have you covered.
Direct download link
Updated August 2021



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  1. Hana

    Super, brilliant, wonderful!! Thank you

  2. Emily

    Is there a place for diamant thread on this spreadsheet?

    1. LordLibidan

      I’m afraid it does not include Diamant threads, Broder Machine or Pearl Cotton threads as these are not divisible into 6 strands.

  3. Cassie

    Thank you for the spreadsheet, I love it.

    One typo to report on the column look up sheet:
    Thread 762, pearl grey – very light is listed as found on column 10, when it is on column 20.

    1. LordLibidan

      Argh! There was actually 5 wrong from 761 onwards! But all updated now 😀

  4. Elizabeth

    Omgosh! Thank you ever so much! I’m just getting back into cross stitching and this is an absolute treasure!

  5. Tom

    Ah cool, didn’t want to see you getting ripped off! My gf loves this chart and says thanks!

  6. Tom

    Someone is selling this on Etsy – might want to have a word!

    1. LordLibidan

      Actually, that’s us!
      We were made aware that some people don’t trust a free download from untrusted sites, so we added the file to Etsy for a super low price, so those people were still able to get hold of it!
      The file will always remain free on this page though!

  7. Trish Caldwell

    Thank you for all your hard work! I really needed this!

  8. Kira

    I love that you have made this available for anyone to download! I have found an error in the pdf sheets, though.

    On the first sheet the colors numbered 151 to 225 repeat through to sheet two. I am still going to use the sheets, but I thought you would like to know of the error. If you ever do fix it, let me know and I will download the new one. Thanks for all your work with this! It is helping me with ordering for a new very large project.

    1. LordLibidan

      Sounds like you may have been looking at the old pdf. Could you clear your cache and try again?
      The link should supply you with a version with the first page fixed!

  9. Paula

    Thank you for the excel spreadsheet. This month I challenged my daughter to a free style cross stitch. We have all the supplies around. My mom was the perfectionist of cross stich (The front and back looked perfect type of person) So I never got into it, for she’s not an encouraging type lady, points out all the faults. Always told her she missed the point of being an artist. My daughter has done a few cross stitches over the last few years. So I did my first, done for myself, cross stitch. My mom has one of those cabinets that is filled with 5 drawers of DMC collected from the ’80’s to the ’00’s. So we will be seeing what she is in all those drawers. My mom has suffering from losing her sight and geriatric dementia for almost three years now.

    1. LordLibidan

      I’m glad to hear that your daughter is getting into the craft! My own grandmother was a cross stitching and wasn’t particularly encouraging either, so I understand where you come from!

  10. Micaela

    Thank you SO much for the time and effort it must have been to put this together! I have been working on a separate spreadsheet to also include the hex codes for each color for any designers. Would love to share if it seems like it’s something that would be useful. I also noted the adding of the own category AND the separate sheet for the colors in color order! I was struggling with doing that myself so I’m so glad to see it implemented!

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