Free Epic Pokemon All Generations Cross Stitch Pattern – Updated

epic pokemon all generations cross stitch
This is the big one. The most outrageous and insanely huge pattern I’ve found anywhere on the internet. It’s a combination of the first 5 generations of Pokemon, using generation 5 sprites. It’s basically a combination of the separate 5 epic pokemon generations cross stitch patterns we posted last week.
It’s a massive 798,000 stitches, with the finished piece well over a meter wide and tall on 14 count (almost 1.5m x 2m). If you attempt it, I salute you!
Stitch Count: 798w x 1000h
Finished Size: 57″ x 71.5″ or 145cm x 182cm (14ct)
Number of colors: 234 (DMC)

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Download top right pattern
Download top left pattern
Download bottom right pattern
Download bottom left pattern

Black and White

Download top right pattern
Download top left pattern
Download bottom right pattern
Download bottom left pattern

A few people have requested both color and black and white versions of the pattern. I’m working of this currently, however due to its size the program keeps crashing… :/

Thinking of tackling this epic cross stitch? We have some great guides like where to find super large aida, how to tackle epic cross stitches, cross stitch gridding techniques and how to keep up motivation when tackling epic cross stitches.
Lastly, we have a few updates from people still stitching the pattern. The first is Stitched_Pixels who gave us the below update back in 2018, with just over 45% of the pattern complete; 8 years in. You can follow her progress on her flosstube.
pokemon epic all generations cross stitch by samarin6 (source:
pokemon epic all generations cross stitch by samarin6 (source:

A more recent update from Sophie Greene, at about 40% from 2020 is stitched in a different way, but really shows how big it will be. Stitched on 25 count, 1 over 1.
All Generations Epic Pokemon Cross Stitch by Sophie Greene
All Generations Epic Pokemon Cross Stitch by Sophie Greene

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109 thoughts on “Free Epic Pokemon All Generations Cross Stitch Pattern – Updated

  1. I Have been thinking of starting this but I have no idea how to put this on a hoop or stand or scroll, what do most people use when trying to stitch something this big?!!?!?! I don’t mind Buying something, but I want to make sure it is the right something

    1. There’s no “right” really, it depends on what you prefer.
      Most people use scroll frames, combined with a floor stand of some kind. It allows you to make the stitch area smaller so it’s easier to manage.
      However I’ve also seen people use hoops (they usually break the pattern into smaller chunks when using a hoop).
      You can also do both; break the super large pattern into smaller peices and then use smaller scroll frames.
      Hope that helps!

  2. Hello, I am currently doing this epic pokemon cross stitch. I am using a tapestry frame, and I am using 1 huge piece of aida in 25 count (its so tiny) I started this in May 2016 and I have just reached the bottom of the first section – I’ve had to fold the aida to fit it on to the frame. I have a picture of it off the frame that i’d like to share but i’m not sure how.

  3. ok.. I have the stuff. I have some Q snaps. I did a larger project before but it was before I went online and learned how it was supposed to be done with a hoop/frame, so basically I did it free hand like quilting.

    HOW do I start this? I’m looking at Large Frames for the floor/lap. I don’t mind investing, but I don’t want to get something at hate it.

    I have a feeling I’m going to end up doing a lot of it in my bed, it’s a King so maybe that will be helpful for you to know?

    Also, in your opinion, for 14# AIDA, what size should I trim my fabric down to? I’m assuming if I am going to spend my life doing this, it will end up in a frame at some point.

    Thank you so much 🙂
    I appreciate it!

    1. Well first off, good luck! 😀
      In regards to a floor stand, this is a super personal thing, so we can’t really advise. However, how you plan to stitch by your bed is important. Most stands hold the work from either side, so you need to sit in a proper chair for them to work. You’d need to look for one with a single side hold, this also means you need to reduce the frame size of the work as the stand can’t hold things too large this way.
      There are two schools of thought for how to stitch this. Either the whole thing in one go, or each quarter that is then stitched together. If you go for each quarter, I would leave 3 inches of space on the sides you need to stitch together, you can cut them down once stitched. However as this project is so large, when you frame it, you won’t leave space around the edge, so just enough to hold it on the frame really.
      Hope that helps!

  4. Hi! I’m almost done with my gen 2 pattern (gonna send you the result after!), but the top right pattern colour codes are a bit off on 2 of them. One of them has 2 numbers on top of each other, and one just says BLANC. Can you fix that? 🙂

    1. Hey!
      BLANC is actually the official name of what some people call “white” (note that it’s different to B5200). The natural fibers, unedited are given the color code “ECRU”. These are then bleached giving you BLANC. After the bleaching other dyes get added to make other colors, including titanium dioxide to make B5200. You should be able to pick the color up in your local store, although they might just call it “White”.
      In regards to the two numbers on top of each other, this isn’t something we can fix I’m afraid (we’ve tried many times). Different computers display the PDF slightly differently so it’s not the same for everyone, however, most people say its the second to last color on that row with the “\\” symbol? In which case its color 3756.
      Hope that helps!

        1. Beleive it or not, those actually have a “g” in them, but thw program put a white g on a white cell. This just goes to show how large the thing is; the pattern maker kept breaking!
          g is B5200.

  5. I’m a little confused as to where I can get a big enough piece of aida to do this project. I can find clothe long enough it’s width I’m struggling to find any help would be appreciated?

  6. Hi, I have got the material and have been trying to purchase the threads to do this amazing project. The problem I have is that 7 of them seem to be discontinued, I can’t even purchase them from DMC.

    Can you please tell me what I could substitute them with as I’m all ready to start.

    The numbers are:- 189, 388, 660, 697, 925, 969 and 3382.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    1. Hi Clare,
      I’ve checked the patterns and none of those colors are used (I don’t think any of them have ever existed either). Have you uploaded the pdf files into a markup app? Sometimes they get muddled up. Could you send a screenshot?

  7. Thank you for your reply, I don’t seem to be able to find anywhere that can supply the aida the size I need and unfortunately the aida I have is only 110cm wide.

    Oh well looks like I’ll just have to start Generation III as the first 2 look amazing done.

    1. We actually have a post on where to find super sized aidawhere to find super sized aida as it can be a pain to find.

      I would suggest one of three things:
      – Look for “Java Cloth” in sewing fabric stores. Cross stitchers call it aida, but sewing fans call it Java. It’s the same thing, and comes in 14 count. You can usually buy it in 2-meter widths.
      – Contact the aida brands directly. I brought white 14 count aida direct from the manufacturer, still on its roll at 2.5m wide. They’re usually happy to help!
      – Finally, we suggest cutting the pattern up. The preview you see above of someone only 25% of the way through is like that. They’ve broken up the pattern into 4 blocks that they’ll attach together once finished. Honestly, this is the way I would do it too.

    1. Yeh, they’re about 45% of the way through I think.
      You can keep up with their journey thanks to their flosstube. They go by “Stitched_Pixels” now.

  8. Can you clarify the actual dimensions of the project using Aida 14? In the blog post above it mentions 142×182, however in the black/white pattern on the last page it mentions 182×182.

    Trying to find some cloth this size, and want to make sure I get the correct size 🙂

    1. Huh… that’s a weird error.
      To confirm; the entire thing is 798 stitches wide by 1000 stitches high. On 14 count aida 1-over-1 this would be 145cm by 182cm

      1. I’m thinking of attempting this one, but I have 18 count aida spare at home and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what size I would need if I decided to use that instead of 14 count as I’m finding it extremely difficult to purchase the size needed.
        Or any help on where I can purchase would also be greatly appreciated.
        Thank you

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