Golden Zelda Cartridge Cross Stitch
Title: 24 Carat Zelda
Date Completed: January 2017
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Canvas: White
Colors: 9
Video Game: Zelda
DMC recently came out with a 24 carat gold thread to celebrate their 270th Birthday. Whilst the price for a full skein of thread made from actual gold was super high, I was able to get my hands on a very limited quantity. It wasn’t large at all, but I looked around at what other people had done with it: nothing. In fact, due to its cost, they kept it whole and didn’t use it. So I decided that I would stitch with mine and be the only person to do so.
I had a think what would be important enough to warrant gold thread being used, and after throwing a few ideas around I knew that the thing I had to stitch, HAD to be the most well known gold object in video game history; the Zelda golden cartridge. There is also some non-24 carat metallic threads in there from both Kreinik and DMC, but part of this cartridge is pure gold.
This project inspired me to use gold thread again with my micro Nintendo64 cross stitch cartridges.



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