Title: Pokemon Cave
Date Completed: June 2013
Design: Lord Libidan
Canvas: Plastic
Colors: 11
Video Game: Pokemon

This has been in the planning for more than a year before I started, and took almost 6 months to complete.
The reason it took so long is simply the challenge of having such a piece come out at you on plastic caves, on a 45-degree angle (plastic canvas means you can only use 90 or 0/180 degrees). However, after giving up on the project a total of three times, I finally worked out a way to do it.
It’s based upon a series of works by the painter John Wilson after I saw a few of his pieces in a local art store. The effect should be that the cave looks to go inwards, and when you move your head (or the camera), the cave goes with it, forcing perspective, whilst all the time, it comes out at you.



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  1. Connie

    Where can I buy a copy of this pattern or the piece itself??

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