Nintendo Switch Micro Console Cross Stitch by Lord Libidan

nintendo switch cross stitch by Lord Libidan
nintendo switch cross stitch by Lord Libidan

Title: Nintendo Switch Micro Console
Date Completed: June 2018
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Canvas: Plastic
Colors: 3
Game: Nintendo Switch, Joycon Controllers
With my Gameboy Color Micro Console Cross Stitch done, I set about starting creating the pattern for my other Xstitch Mag project, a Micro Cassette Keychain Cross Stitch, however as I tried to get to sleep, all I could think about is how I could stitch the other Gameboys. I ignored it for a while, but as E3 graced us, I started to think; could I create Joy-Con controllers? And how would they work together, and as part of the Switch?
Fixed by the size limitations of my Nintendo N64 Micro Console Cross Stitch, I knew the rough size had to be small, smaller than my Gameboy Color even. I created a rough scale of the screen and set about creating a small Joy-Con. Stitching the sections together I realized that not only would they work, but I could get them to fit into the side of the Switch screen, just like in real life. To finish it off, I added in a spacer so the Joy-Cons could be removed and held like a standard controller. In the future I think I would also create a kickstand for the screen, which I can think of how to do easily now. Sadly, I think a game slot would just be too hard at this scale.
This project grew in size and before I submitted the idea to the Xstitch Mag, I had created the classic Gameboy, Gameboy Color Micro Console Cross Stitch, Gameboy Advance, and the Nintendo DS, all in microform.
Micro Gameboy Cross Stitches by Lord Libidan

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